Walking is Very Important for Seniors

One of the most important and useful physical activities people of all ages can do is walking. It is very important for people to start the walking program gradually, to start very easy and then to increase the volume as time passes and as they get better. Walking should be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle.

How to prepare for a walking session

In case one is not physically active, and is not too used with walking, he or she should start slowly. The length and the pace of the walk should be increased gradually. It is very important to perform warm-up activities: to do some stretches and warm-up exercises prior to walking. In case you have just eaten, it is important to take a rest for at least half an hour. Even if walking might seem something easy to do, and normal, there are people who have been active for years, and for them it can be difficult. The activity should be built in time. This means that people should start with a 20 minute walk, and increase the period frequently. People should walk at least three times per week.

The correct walking technique should be used. The walk should be done at a steady pace, the arms should be swung freely, and the body should have a straight posture. The step should be performed from heel to toe, in a rolling action. It is also important to wear cotton socks, and to wear shoes which feel comfortable. It is also advisable to wear lightweight shoes instead of heavier ones. You should have a water bottle with you, and once you are done walking you should cool down.

Benefits of walking

In the case of the elders, the physical exercises such as walking, can improve bone strength and cardiovascular fitness. On top of that, the muscle mass will be increased, and the body fat will be reduced. Walking is one of the best physical exercises for the elderly because it does not cause too much strain on the body, and it has lots of benefits. Before starting the walking routine, it is advisable to consult your doctor. There might be cases when he will not recommend walking because of some preexisting conditions. If that is the case, maybe you should consider doing something else instead.

Walking should be fun, and it should be an enjoyable experience. Because of this, if you do not like to walk alone, one of the best things you could do is to take a walk with a friend. You could also take your furry companion for a walk, it is very certain that he will enjoy it. You could go to certain interesting places, such as parks, or recreational areas, and then take a walk there. It is very easy to be inactive, but becoming active once again, can be just as easy. You could establish a schedule, and stick to it. For example, you could walk each morning on 9 A.M. It is very likely that by doing so each day, it will be hard to quit.

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