Sports for People with Vision Problems

There are numerous people with aged 70 or over who have eye problems. Their eyesight might not be as good as it once was, and as a result, these people cannot enjoy some of the regular sporting activities other people can. A person with a sedentary lifestyle can have all sorts of health problems, such as obesity, diabetes, depression, and so on.

Which sports can be played?

There are numerous sports which can be adapted for the people who have low vision, with the aid of the sighted people. These people might need to assure the transport to and from the venue, to advise on distances, obstacles, teach the players the moves of the sport, and so on.

One of the best physical activities people with poor eye sight could do is bicycle riding. A tandem bicycle is required, and the sighted person will sit in the front seat and steer, whereas the one with the poor eye sight will sit in the back and pedal. The sighted person will tell the other one when there is a turn, when he should brake, etc.

Golf can also be played by people who have eyesight problems. However, in this case, instead of white balls, colored balls will be used. The sighted person will advise the other one on the direction, distance, club selection. The sighted person will also stand near the whole, to make sure that the person with the eye problem will know where the target is located. Cricket can also be played by people with vision problems. However, a cane ball filled with lead will be used, in order to make noise. Players will use metal stumps in order to hear when the ball has been hit. The field should be reduced as well, in order for the players to be able to hear the ball. In case the players are blind, a sighted person will do the running. There will be only one batsman at a time, in order to reduce the odds of collision.

Benefits of sports

Swimming is another great physical activity which can be performed by people who have eye problems. In case these people are blind, a sighted person will provide directions. One of the best sports these people could do is a self-defense discipline, such as karate. It has been discovered that people with eye problems who do these activities will have a better sense of balance. In the majority of the cases, a one-on-one tuition is required.

Tennis is also pretty popular amongst people with eye problems. Instead of the regular ball, a much larger and lighter ball will be used. It is better to use an indoor court, because since the ball is lightweight, the ball might be blown away. Two bounces are permitted instead of one, and the servings can only be made underarm.

One of the simplest physical activities which people with eye problems can do is walking. They might need aid from a sighted person. The tracks should be easy to follow, and they should not have obstacles.

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