If You Want a Fitness Friend, Get a Dog

It is widely known that a dog is a man’s best friend and this theory becomes truer and truer as we age. According to the most recent study made on the subject, it seems that people who own a dog enjoy having an active lifestyle and they also exercise a lot, given that they need to walk their dogs daily. Furthermore, it seems that dog walkers are also more prone at meeting guidelines for their daily activities. It seems that dogs are great motivators for people.

Why dog owners are more active

The said study, which was made by a group of English researchers, suggests that people who have dogs engage in daily activities and walks, just because they have a dog. Most of the movement these people have is 66 percent due to the fact that they go out daily to allow their dogs to have a walk. Furthermore, it seems that regardless of time or weather, people still go out with their dogs, because they need their walks and this way, a person exercises more than they imagine.

As mentioned, dog owners have an increased level of physical activities in comparison to people who own no pets and this is because they go out with their dogs in parks and they even engage in outdoors activities, as they might as well play with their dogs when they are out of the house.

Dogs are benefic to the social life

The same study suggests yet another thing – the fact that dogs do wonders when it comes to their owners’ social lives. Going out with your dog might attract other dog owners and this is how you strike a conversation. People get together to talk about how and what their dogs are doing, eating and so on and that is quite beneficial from a social point a view.

Furthermore, there are also many programs and “dog days” which drawn people together in the United States of America and the overall conclusion of the study seems to be that families who have dogs are more physically active in comparison who do now own pets or who own pets other than dogs.

Even better, dogs can be quite incredible companions when you go out running. For instance, if you train your dog, you can take him out with you, to be your fitness companion. However, you need to make sure that he will not go away or get lost. The dog needs to be trained very well before you can take him out with you, but the training is quite an easy process and it usually is quite benefic.

There is nothing which will make you run even further than to see your dog close to you. Dogs usually are great motivators and if you want to make sure your life is active and you keep your health and your looks for a longer period of time, this is the best thing you can do. Getting a dog as a pet is also quite rewarding from an emotional point of view.

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