How to Be Physically Active and Stay Healthy

It has been discovered that only one in 10 Americans over the age of 50 do enough exercises in order to obtain cardiovascular benefits. It has been stated that one of the reasons why old people experience health decline is because they do not do any exercises. It has also been discovered that people over 65 need physical exercises in order to be fit enough to take care of themselves.

Importance of physical activity

According to numerous studies, exercises are very beneficial for the human health, regardless of age. The experts have stated that people who are inactive, and who lead a sedentary lifestyle should make changes in their lives, in order to see health gains. However, in case they are older than 40, they should consult their doctor, and see what types of exercises they are allowed to do. Physical decline in the case of old people occurs mainly because of physical inactivity. The lack of physical activity can lead to all sorts of problems, such as reduced strength, physical endurance, and muscle mass. The mobility and the joint flexibility can be reduced as well. People who are inactive are more prone to depression, or cardiovascular diseases.

Many elder people believe that they no longer need exercises, as the human body does not need activity anymore as it got older. Many are also afraid of being physically active, because they are afraid of injuries or illnesses. Of course, there are people who are not physically active because they do not want to be. They may prefer to do something else instead with their time, such as socializing, reading, and so on. Society is to blame as well, because in the majority of the cases, gyms do not have classes for older people. As a result, they are either shy, or afraid to go to a gym. The cost of a gym membership can be expensive as well.

Ways of being active

However, physical exercises do not require necessarily a gym. People could take walks, they could go swimming, or they could ride bikes, and it would benefit them a lot. The experts have stated that people should do something which they enjoy, because if they do not do it, they will not stick to it. They also stated that people should start from scratch. They should walk for 20 minutes for example, and then they should add minutes each day. There are numerous benefits associated with physical activity. The muscle mass is increased, and thus, the metabolism will be increased as well. The bones will be strengthened as well, and that is very useful especially since many old people have frail bones.

The heart and the lungs are improved as well. In the case of the elders, it takes more time to achieve a good fitness level, but even so, the results are the same. The fat levels will be reduced thanks to physical exercises, and the joints will be increased. All of these aspects are very useful for the body, especially in the case of the older people.

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