How Important is to Be Physically Active

It is very to believe that all the changes which occur in the body, especially if the person is older than 50, are because of ageing. Sure, some of these changes are inevitable, but some of them aren’t. There are certain ways in which people over the age of 50 can eliminate some of these changes.

Benefits of being physically active

Muscles are very important for the body, and once people reach the age of 30, they start to lose muscle mass. In 40 years, by the time they reach the age of 70, people lose around 25 percent of their muscle mass. The process is called sarcopenia, and it causes the loss of muscle mass. However, according to the scientists, not all the muscle loss is caused by this process. It seems that if elder people continue to do strength training, they will manage to keep and even regain some of the muscle mass. Muscles are excellent because they have lots of benefits. They are able to burn calories much faster than fat, almost 10 times faster. Muscles can also reduce the blood sugar level, as they help the insulin drive sugar from the bloodstream into cells.

Once people lose muscle mass they tend to put on fat, because their metabolic rate is not very fast. The more body fat one has, the higher are the chances for that person to develop various illnesses and diseases such as diabetes. Muscles can be added with training exercises, either using one’s own body weight, or at the gym. Strength training can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

The aerobic capacity can also be increased with the aid of exercises. Aerobic capacity is one’s ability of using oxygen during exercises, and with age, this capacity declines. Very active people can have better aerobic capacities than people who are 20 years younger than them. One of the best ways of preserving your aerobic capacity is through aerobic exercises. They are also good for the heart and for the blood pressure. Diabetes, depression, strokes, can also be avoided with the aerobic exercises.

Effect on Flexibility and Bones

Flexibility can also be improved with the aid of exercises. There are certain changes which make your joints stiffer, because the cartilages degenerate. However, this process is not age related, as it depends more on the physical activity of a person than on the age. By having a stretching routine, people, could eliminate the development of this problem. Yoga, pilates, tai chi, and other similar exercises, will keep you flexible. Your balance and agility will also be maintained, and this is important, because they are also diminished once one has reached a certain age.

Bones are very important, and numerous men and women break their bones because they fall. Women lose bone mass much faster than men, and from an earlier age. It is important to strengthen the bones with the aid of calcium, or vitamin D. It is very useful to take calcium and vitamin D very often, because they are a great way of making sure that the bone strength is increased.


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