How Good is Barefoot Running for You?

After you pass a certain age, your body starts to squeak and this may be because you started being a couch potato instead of going out there for a jog. Running is recommended to all people who want to keep fit and healthy and mostly to older people, who want to live a longer life. As you can imagine, a little run around the block can do wonders, but according to a new study it seems that it also matters what you are wearing when you are running.

There is now a new theory regarding how running barefoot can be very efficient and healthier for people. There are many researchers jumping in to check this theory and it seems that the results are as expected – extraordinaire.

Running barefoot

There is a couple who started this trend of barefoot running and they mentioned that they got a lot of weird looks and there were even people who asked them what they had done with their shoes. But Anna Toombs and David Robinson seem not to care too much about what people are saying about them running barefoot in the park. They actually feel very confident about this new practice and they mentioned that running like this is more beneficial both for the young and the elderly.

However, if you are not yet prepared for such a trip, you should start easily, at home and only then adventure to the park. You need to make sure where you run, so as to protect your feet from getting hurt. From what Robinson said, it seems that running barefoot has many benefits, among which there is the fact that you work your calf muscles even more than you do with shoes. So as to sustain his point, he also gave examples of athletes who won gold medals at marathons by running barefoot.

Should we try technology first?

Although running barefoot may remind us about our childhood, when we used to run all over the place, forgetting our shoes, it can be quite an interesting thing, as well as dangerous. In order to prevent injuries, scientists have even come up with this new project. It has been demonstrated that running barefoot is more beneficial for the entire body and this is the main reason for which scientists are trying to make the perfect pair of shoes, which looks exactly like… a foot, no less!

This project comes to sustain this idea that running barefoot is quite beneficial and everyone should try it. But all the people involved in such projects advise people that they should be really careful if they decide to go running barefoot. Moreover, if this sounds enthusiastic to you but you are afraid to run without your shoes on, you should wait for the shoes which are especially made for running to come out. Rumor has it that they are very comfortable and they are made in such a manner that they allow people to work all their muscles even more than they already are.

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