How Diabetics Should Exercise

It is very important for people who suffer from diabetes to exercise on a regular basis. Through exercises, people can reduce their bodily weight, and thus, they can reduce the body’s need for insulin. The body’s sensitivity to insulin is also reduced because the glucose is used more efficiently.

Safe exercises for diabetic people

People who suffer from diabetes should be physically active at least thirty minutes each day. However, prior to beginning the exercise program, people should consult their doctors first. Some types of exercises might not be useful for the condition. The doctor will be able to offer advices regarding the exercises you can perform, the way in which the medication should be adjusted, the times when the exercises should be performed, and so on.

In case people do not have experience with these exercises, they will need guidance. It is very important to make these exercises as safe as possible, especially if one is working out in the gym. There are certain rules which people can follow in order to make the exercises as effective as possible. In case you decide to work out in a gym, you should let the trainers know that you suffer from diabetes. In case you suffer from sudden hypoglycemia, or you get injured, people should know that you take insulin. You could also wear a medical ID bracelet, or a sports band ID when you are working out.

You are the one who gets to choose the exercises, and it is advisable to choose the ones you enjoy. In case your doctor allows you, you can do high intensity exercises such as running, weight training, tennis, and so on. If not, you can go for a walk, do some swimming, or do some light cycling around your neighborhood. You should always warm-up before a session and cool down after it has ended. It is important to have someone with you when you exercise, because you might need help in case your blood sugar drops too much.

Some useful tips

If you can, you should exercise each day at the same time, and for the same period of time. Because of this, you should choose an activity which you can include in your daily program. If you are a morning person, you could do it each morning. In case you enjoy the activity and would like to increase the intensity, make sure you take small steps. Do not increase the intensity or the time too much, because you might have difficulties. In case your blood sugar level is low you should not exercise. It is advisable to monitor your levels before and after the activity to make sure that the effect of the exercise on the body is proper.

You should always have a fast acting carbohydrate food with you such as juice, raisins. In case hypoglycemia symptoms occur, you should consume those foods. These symptoms can occur up to 24 hours after the training session has ended, so keep them close all the times.

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