Going Out With Your Dog Is the Best Way to Stay in Shape

It is obvious that the obesity rates are rising, as we have changed the way in which we live. People are more sedentary than ever, and they consume much worse foods than they used to. These two elements combined, plus the stress, lead to obesity and many other illnesses. One of the side effects of this lifestyle is the fact that pets are suffering because of it. Because we get fat, pets get fat as well.

Lose Weight with the Pet

Pets that are overweight might look cute and fluffy, but the reality is that they are in danger. Just like in the case of humans, extra weight can cause lots of health problems for the pet. In case you are overweight, and your pet has some extra pounds as well, you could try to lose the weight together. One of the best exercises you could do in order to drop some of those pounds, would be to go for a walk. Think about it, the dog is the perfect training partner. He will never cancel the plans because he has something better to do, and he will never try to convince you that you should stay in bed instead of going out.

On top of that, he will not charge you anything for the fact that he exercises with you. He will enjoy the experience, and you will too. Before you start you need to go to your doctor and to a veterinarian, in order to be know which exercises you can do, and which ones you should avoid. It is very important to track your progress. This means that you should record your activity each time you do it. You should note the time you spent walking, the distance you covered, and so on. You could buy a pedometer in order to know exactly about the distance.

What to Wear and What to Do

You need to wear the proper gear when you go for a walk. This means that you should have the proper shoes, and clothes. You should get a front-clip harness and a head halter in case your dog pulls. In case your dog accepts it, you could equip him with some boots and clothes as well. It is very important for the dog to walk in the proper manner. There are many dogs that pull when they are the leash because they haven’t been taught about the proper way to walk. In case your dog pulls, you should consider training him.

You should make sure that the walking sessions are done in the proper manner, and that both of you are safe. This means avoid walking on the road, or taking very dangerous terrains. One more thing you need to remember is to gradually increase the walking sessions. It might be tempting to do it all at once, but you should not do it, because one of you might get too tired. Start slowly, and progress slowly. This will maintain your interest in the walking sessions. You could start jogging with your dog, in case you can do it.

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