Development of Dementia Slowed Down by Aerobic Exercise

Dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s disease, is a very common and popular degenerative condition among the elderly at this moment, as there are more and more people who develop it. Researchers all over the world have been struggling to find a cure or at least a treatment that would slow down or prevent the condition, but up until now, there are only a few theories which have been put forth and it seems that only few of them really work.

Throughout time, there have been many theories regarding the things people could do to stop Alzheimer’s disease from developing, as it is widely known that once the process is started, there is no going back and the condition develops very fast. The main reason for which many of these theories did not work was because researchers did not have enough information back then. Nowadays, on the other hand, researchers have many cases of Alzheimer’s disease which they can analyze and they come up with better plans of fighting the terrible condition.

Healthy diets help with slowing down the process

It is widely known that once Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most common forms of dementia, begins the process of developing, there is no turning back. However, there are some new theories of what people can do in order to slow down the process, so as to still be able to lead a normal life. For instance, scientists seem to believe that people who have diets rich in omega-3, a fatty acid which can be found mostly in fish, show signs of being able to slow the condition down.

Moreover, healthy diets, rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins, fibers and vitamins and minerals are indicated mostly for people who are long past their first youth, as the body begins to lose some of the strength and some of the ability it had to recover and this is the main reason for which older people are more prone to get sick faster and for a longer period of time.

Exercising also works

The new theory that researchers put forth regards this idea that aerobic exercises helps preventing and slowing down the Alzheimer’s disease. According to the most recent study made on the issue, it seems that aerobic exercises and even mild exercises, such as brisk walking, are able to slow down the process, as it makes the flood flow better and therefore, the brain is oxygenated better.

It is known that Alzheimer’s disease is the type of degenerative condition, where the brain cells die and people are no longer to act normally, as they forget things. Therefore, a little exercise daily may keep Alzheimer’s away or it may slow it down substantially. Anyway, it is also very important for people to combine a healthy diet with daily exercises, as to make sure that everything is well. It has been shown that older people who engaged in fitness activities had a better health, both from a physical but also from a psychical point of view.

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