Why two liters of water a day?

The body of a human of average size needs about two liters of water per day to function properly.

Our body is formed in 60-70% of water, according to its own morphology. Therefore, for oxygen (without which we can’t live more than 2-3 minutes), water is the second natural element indispensable for maintaining life for proper development of all life processes.

How do you use it? How much you lose?

In a temperate environment, the body of a man of average size uses about 2 liters of water per day just in the normal operation of the body.

The amount increases if water loss increases due to heat and sustained physical effort. Specifically, the urine, an adult remove a half liter of water a day and uses another liter for effective maintenance metabolism.

The food is recovered, in general, 20% of this amount, the remainder to two liters of drinking must be effectively replaced water or other liquids: soups, teas or juices.

The myth of 8 glasses per day

Certainly, it is a myth, because in the 8 glasses of water considered to be the minimum necessary for the proper functioning of the body actually entering the water and other liquids that contain respectively juices, soups, teas, and fruit and raw vegetables , who also have a high water content.

Thirst? Warning sign

The sensation of thirst is an alarm signal that the body was dehydrated when he pulls too hard. Therefore, we must get used to drink fluids throughout the day.

The only exception

During meals, it is not advisable to drink water, because, due to its volume, the feeling of fullness and the craving disappears.

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