What should I do to gain weight?

For most women, a harmonious figure, without any trace of cellulite is a supreme condition in the process of obtaining the ultimate look and feeling extremely good. But, what happens to those who wish the contrary, the ones who are too thin?

As much as some of us are striving to achieve an ideal figure, by trying various diets and by doing exhausting workouts, others gurge themselves with food and vitamins in order to gain some weight.

Moreover, in the case of most people, as we get old, our body changes and the metabolism becomes sluggish, the appetite increases and physical exercise becomes one of the most difficult things to do. In contrast, thin people have a „quicksilver” metabolism, which manages to burn calories in no time. No matter whether they blame their genes, the excellent workouts at the gym or the 5 donuts consumed daily, these women are not able to gain weight, often resorting to miraculous supplements which are said to help them.

These solutions are not only drastic and ineffective, but also dangerous for your health.

If you really want to earn some extra pounds, in a natural way, without putting any pressure on your body, you should start with a proper diet, being careful not to skip any of the five meals to be consumed in a day time. In the same way, you should eat more foods which are rich in proteins. You should consume eggs, vegetables, beef, fish, cheese and drink protein supplements after your training at the gym. The key is patience. You should never eat unhealthy foods hoping that you will gain weight faster. This will only make your stomach full and puffy.

Eating is not the only element that will bring your body some extra pounds; it is also highly recommended to be very active. Physical exercises have many benefits, they tone the muscles and have a good influence on your mental state, contributing to the process of obtaining the body of your dreams (as long as your expectations are realistic).

Sport has an essential role in the gaining weight process. Without it, fat will accumulate only on the undesirable areas of your body. There are specific workouts which are intended for increasing the muscle mass and they must be done under the guidance of a specialist.

Drink more liquids. Besides the quantity of water you drink throughout the day, add extra calories to your diet by drinking juices. For example, 200 ml of apple juice contains about 140 calories.

If you were persistent and ambitious and you have obtained the desired weight, the greatest challenge is to maintain it. In other words, you won a battle, but not a war. It is up to you to adopt a balanced lifestyle that will help you maintain your silhouette gained with such effort.

Your routine must include exercise and a proper diet. Moreover, you need a lot of will and a positive attitude – which will assure a certain success !

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