What makes you gain weight?

What? You didn’t know that this makes you gain weight?

You abstain from eating products which you know that could be fattening , you try not to think about food…but all is in vain; the scalses is still you worst enemy!

Nowadays, more and more women are the slaves of diets; many of them choose to keep extreme diets, others prefer to adopt a lighter and more balanced way of living.

In many cases, the great surprise is that nothing happens. If you don’t own a friendly metabolism, the kilograms will remain fixed on your body, just where they have been the last time you checked. But, where do we go wrong?

Moreover, if we take into account our genetic data, it is clear that we should be on guard. It is said that people who were born in winter months are more exposed to gaining weight, in comparison with the ones who came on this world in other seasons!


why do i get fat


Dietetical products

Oh, yes, it is true – you can gain weight easily by consuming “light” products. Many of us bulge the fridge and the cupboards with diet foods in order to flee from the culinary temptations, responsible for our weight problems.

When we get hungry, we consume 20 calories…plus 25 more and another one hundred – we stop when we have achieved a total of 300 – 400 calories, the medium “size” of a normal meal. As for the quantity, the products we eat would probably be sufficient to feed at least three people. Do you think that it is ok to eat a lot and only dietetical products? Sure not.

Bread can add several kilos to your figure! I know that this is not a secret, but I doubt that you have realized that brown bread can also have this characteristic.

In this case you should always go for the whole meal products!

Artificial Sweetners

Besides the fact that you ruin the delicious taste of your coffee by using a little white pill instead of sugar, you aren’t even well out of the danger of gaining weight. Scientists have discovered that artificial sweetners can deceive the human organism, in the sense that the body can’t estimate anymore the correct amount of calories.

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This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use sweetening pills; try to drink as many glasses of unsweetened tea as possible and appeal to sweetner only when you want to try to get other flavours.


fruits may get you fat

Tasty fruits

From the fast-food restaurants? Just salads!

Daily, at work, you prefer not to eat something prepared at home, grilled chicken with vegetables or even fruits – as you don’t like to crowd your bag; therefore, you choose the easier way- you go to the first fast-food restaurant in your area and buy a salad.

Unfortunately, this is not such a good choice: the components of the salads are not always fresh, thus they do not have the same nutritional characteristics. Moreover, a simple salad can bring you more calories than you could imagine. For example, a caesar salad can have the same calories as a hamburger!

Are you allergic to something?

If the answer is “yes”, then you probably use antihistamines and most likely, you have noticed that your appetite is inexplicably high. To trick your hunger, try to have a meal at every three hours (never after 8 p.m.). Also, between meals eat only fruits.


Some of the fruits contain a great quantity of sugar (grapes, bananas), therefore they should be consumed only in the morning. Moreover, they should be consumed natural and not as combined juices.

A high dose of fructose can also deceive the organism – giving you a high appetite.

On the other hand, when you go out with you friends and order a natural juice and the waiter brings you a bottled juice, you should better choose a glass of water instead.


This is a good one! After everybody told you that no diet would have results without a nice workout , now, on the contrary, we tell you that this is a good reason for gaining weight!

Wait, you shouldn’t call off your gym sessions; this is about something else. For example, the pilates workout tone your muscles and ameliorate your fitness, but it doesn’t imply sufficient body movements to help you lose a great deal of calories.

That’s why you should do other types of physical exercises such as aerobics, jogging or dancing.

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