Tricks to mantain your silhouette

Because the winter holidays have passed, you have no excuse to run from your daily exercises or to eat everything is in the refrigerator. Dinners, long list of fine drinks, and extra pounds, its echoes are felt at this time. Fight to keep our figure becomes much harder, which is why we propose a top of some tricks to maintain the  right weight.

Don`t forget, you have many options for your meals!

1. Go and play!-Attractive presentation of food can fool the mind of the existence of more food on the plate. In conclusion, try to be creative at every meal enjoy!
2. Start the day from high to low-Breakfast should be the richest meal of the day, and the most important. So you can burn calories accumulated during the day. If you are in a hurry, you can opt for an on-the-go breakfast.

Vitamins are chemicals with diverse structure which although used in small quantities have an essential role in maintaining vital cellular processes. Their lack of nutritional diet causes diseases. Name of vitamins comes from the Latin word vita which means life. They are found in small quantities in natural foods, are part of the biocatalysts and are an indispensable food for body. Ingestion of sufficient amounts of vitamins cause hypo-or beriberi, diseases which in severe cases can result in death.

3.Take your vitamins!-Try to take vitamins every day, especially in winter. In this way you will maintain optimum metabolism and your diet will provide all the necessary nutrients.
4. Be your own stylist!-And here I do not mean your appearance, but be your own stylist with pizza. Skip the fluffy dough and choose the one classic. Dress your salad and pizza with healthy vegetables.
5.Bubble gum-Use sugarless gum whenever you craving for something sweet. The bonus? You get rid of odors and drink coffee at work left.

6.Eat vegetables-We love the idea of ​​vegetarianism, but  is hard to give up a chicken or a roast beef well done. I suggest you to choose one day a week to eat only vegetarian food.
7. Timer-Your brain takes 20 minutes to record if the body has reached saturation. After you finish the meal, set a timer to see if you still are really hungry.
8. Aromatherapy-Next time you have a craving for dessert, cheating on your senses by lighting incense with a sweet essence.
9. Eat at home!-Studies show that foods cooked at the restaurant contains 60% more calories than home cooked.
10. Avoid alcohol-When you try to keep your figure, the indicated change of lifestyle that you can do is to limit alcohol consumption. Pamper yourself with a glass of wine or two during the weekend.

The importance of how and what we eat

11. Slow motion-If you are a person who immediately finish  eating, you should think very well to the action you do. A recent study at the University of Rhode Island shows that women who ate lunch finished with in 30 minutes consume fewer calories than those who finish it in ten minutes.

12. Drink green tea-Green tea is famous for its antioxidants and ability to increase metabolism. Serve a cup of green tea before every meal.

13.Be used with your writing shopping lists-To avoid small temptation existing in supermarkets, such as chocolate chips or try to achieve a shopping list to be sure you have bought everything.
14. Colors-Outsmart your mind with an abundance of colors placed in salad. Red onion, radishes and beets are the be stand cheap ingredients.

15. Locked cabinet with “goodies”-You can not control your appetite when you’re stressed, sad or hormonal problems? Take preventive measures by keeping tempting food locked in a cupboard in the kitchen. It seems that no matter how drastic measure, you get to think twice to the action that you make when you want to unlock the closet.

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