TOP 25: Busted Myths about Nutrition

You have heard that sugar is addictive, and brandy helps digestion? Well, even if you did, let me tell you this is not true.

We have gathered all our team members last night and tried to find all the myths related to nutrition.

Then, all of us got some homework and, after a bit of intense research, this is what we have found.

Here is our special article: Top 25 – Busted Myths about Nutrition

Mythbusters health edition

The real mythbusters


1. “Light” products help you lose weight

Wrong. Often, the fat from these products is replaced with water, which causes hunger to return. You will only eat more, and more often.

If you really want to lose weight, change your eating habits, exercise and read our articles. You will find plenty of help.

2. Potatoes make you fat

Wrong. Potatoes contain mostly water and vitamins B1, B2 and C. Combined with the right foods, they are not fattening, on the contrary, potatoes can help you lose weight.

3. Not a day without a hot meal

Wrong. As long as the body receives all the nutrients it needs, no matter if the foods are eaten hot or cold.

4, At frozen vegetables, vitamins value is zero

Wrong. If they are stewed before being frozen, vegetables will retain their vitamins and minerals, even if not 100%.

5. A sip of brandy before meals helps digestion

Wrong. Alcohol prevents proper digestion of fats. Very helpful indeed! A short walk after meals is what you actually need.

6. Sugar is addictive

Wrong. Sugar does not contain any addictive substance. However,moderate consumption is recommended.

7. Honey treats cold at babies

Wrong. Honey contains bacteria that can trigger a serious intestinal infection at babies. Keep your baby away.

busted myths related to health

Bad boy bad boy


8. Brown shelled eggs taste better

Wrong. Egg shell color has nothing to do with the taste of eggs and also has no relation to how much they resist.

9. Olive oil is the healthiest oil

Wrong. Healthier than olive oil is the oil made from rape seeds or thistle, which contain more unsaturated fatty acids.

10. Coffee retains water in your body

Wrong. Coffee helps the proper functioning of the metabolism and decreases the risk of liver cancer. Keep in mind that you only need to drink it moderately.

very funny joke with a cow

Hahaha, funny!


11. Beef is more healthy than pig meat

Wrong. It depends on what part of the animal is consumed, because both pig and beef have areas that are less fatty or greasy. You cannot really have a comparison.

12. Fast-food is addictive

Wrong. It’s not addictive, but food habits form in childhood. If a child is accustomed to eat at fast-food, he will likely do the same when he becomes an adult.

We really do not want to include McDonald`s in this discussion. As you may already know, they have been reported for using funky stuff in their food. Anyway.

13. Vitamin C protects us from cold

Wrong. Yes, this is also a shock for me. It seems this myth is only assumed, and not demonstrated. A reliable protection against colds are alternative showers and the fresh air.

14. You should eat less when it is too hot outside

Wrong. It is true that your appetite is decreased when it is hot, but it’s good to eat as much as you feel. You do not need to stay hungry just because it’s hot outside.

Picture with Popeye

Good old Popeye

15. Spinach is the best source of iron

Wrong. I am sorry Popeye, I am sorry Iron Man. This myth arose from a miscalculation of a researcher. Spinach is very healthy indeed, but it does not contain so much iron as previously believed.

We initially thought of splitting this article into 2, so you won’t actually get bored while reading this. Guess what, we didn’t.

16. Fresh bread is unhealthy

Wrong. Fresh bread has nothing unhealthy in it. At most, it contains yeast that may cause flatulence.

17. Vegetarians lose weight more easily

Wrong. Not the presence or absence of meat in your daily menu determines weight loss, but the amount of calories and fat. And these may very well be also found in plants.

18. Salt increases blood pressure

Wrong. Research has shown that there is no connection between salt intake and blood pressure. Rather, it is affected by weight gain and alcohol consumption.

19. Eggs are unhealthy and increase cholesterol

Wrong. Eggs are healthy foods that contain important vitamins and minerals for the body. They only increase good cholesterol in your body, not the negative one.

Read this article if you want to learn more: All YOU SHOULD know about Eggs!

strawberry jam

MMMmm Fungi

20. Fungi on jam is harmless


Wrong. Fungi on jam is not healthy and is not sufficient to remove the surface using a spoon, as the spores are developed further. Unfortunately, it is recommended to throw the whole jar. I know you won’t. 🙂

21. Fresh milk is healthier than UHT milk

Wrong. Content of milk is the same. The only difference is related to taste.Fresh milk is tastier!

22. Severe diets are ideal for weight loss

Wrong. Even if you get your results visible faster, these diets may have undesirable effects on your health.

23. Chocolate causes pimples

Wrong. Chocolate has not been found guilty for causing acne. What we known is that a balanced diet strengthens the immune system, which decreases the risk of acne.

24. You should not eat between meals

Wrong. Sometimes light snacks between meals help keep your blood sugar steady and your metabolism active.

Recommended dishes are fruit and vegetables.

25. Peas and beans make you fat

Wrong. Eaten at the beginning of the meal, peas and beans prevent fat absorption by blocking the bile salts.

There you have it! We have finished this huge article! Congrats to all. Feel free to read more from our website.

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