TOP 10 Worst Foods

We seem to believe that the only foods that are affecting our body are fast food preparations. However, there are many other, more or less visible, products high in calories and ingredients. Stay away from these:


Our classification is based on the number of calories and ingredients with a great harm to health found in the products we consume “everyday”. Guess who’s on #1!

1. Pastries

That’s right! You know you’re on the consumer list. Many people replace main meals with confectionery products, especially breakfast. But the pastries are high in calories, about 300¬† kcal /100 g and they only contain fat and sugar. Caloric intake is high, but they are deficient in micronutrients. Many people, especially the busy ones, eat pastries constantly, which may in time lead to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals!

2. Grilled Sausages

Two grilled Polish sausages contain about 500-700 kcal. If we add the calories from bread and mustard, a dish of sausages or grilled sausages may exceed 1000 kcal. It should also be mentioned that, most of the times, they are made from poor quality meat and that adds a great amount of fat.
The fat is burned, which leads to the formation of acrolein (is carcinogenic), which is another fact you should try to avoid.

3. Potato fries & potato chips

Such foods have a high calorific value, not providing any necessary vitamins and minerals, which makes them the most unhealthy foods we eat. Not to mention that, If we don’t prepare them ourselves, we have no idea what kind of fat was used, what the temperature was and how many times the oil was used. (after more than 2 usages, the oil becomes carcinogenic)

4. Spicy Chicken Wings

That’s right. Your favorite KFC menu. Most prefer to eat chicken thinking that has a lower fat content, it is easier to digest and contains less cholesterol. That’s true, but¬†we omit to take into account that the chicken wings contain less meat, but have lots of skin and fat which contain¬†cholesterol and calories. Even worse, the wings are seasoned, before they are fried,¬†with a mixture that attracts even more fat.

5. Salads with Dressing

The dressing or mayonnaise we usually use to dress our salads kill almost all the benefits brought by such a treat. On one hand we ingest vitamins provided by vegetables, and on the other hand, fat, salt and other ingredients contained by these sauces.

6. Cocktails

Cocktails contain alcohol, sugar and enough additives. In addition, alcohol dehydrates. Alcohol contains 7 kcal/g, so it is high-caloric. Adding the calories from liqueurs, syrups or whipped cream, depending on the ingredients used, a cocktail can contain 400 kcal, which can reach up to 800 kcal.

7. Cereals

Choose carefully when it comes to cereals. We had to add them to this Top 10 as half of them contain “a ton of sugar”. Try to buy true cereals such as wheat, barley, oats, these are really recommended for a healthy diet. The cereals we usually see in commercials, the ones most of us have for breakfast, even if they were considered healthy and tasty contain in addition, sugar and chocolate syrup.

8. Instant Soups

Lack of time forces us to replace a very healthy soup prepared at home with instant soups. They are rich in fat and have a large amount of salt. Stay AWAY from them!

9. Fruit Yogurt

Yogurt is a good source of calcium easily absorbed by the body and contains a series of friendly digestive bacteria. But by adding a large amount of sugar and food additives it becomes not a food so healthy. You should try making this at home by easily mixing plain yogurt with fresh fruits.

10. Popcorn 

Popcorn is ¬†high in fiber and can be a healthy snack if you’ll make it at home with only a little oil and a small amount of salt. The “already made” popcorn you find in stores, even the one for microwaves contains a large amount of fat, sugar and food additives.

That’s our TOP 10 Worst Foods. Try to consume them at less as possible and don’t forget to let your friends know about this article. You may give them a few more years of life to enjoy next to you. ūüôā

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