Tips to Prevent Vitamin Loss in Foods

There are numerous foods which are filled with vitamins and mineral, but through the cooking process, they lose most of these vitamins. The thing is that vitamins are extremely important for our bodies and for us to feel and look better.

If we do not take as much vitamins as we need from foods, there are vitamin supplements which we can use. Even so, it is advisable that women get as much vitamins as they can from the foods they are eating, especially if they want to look and feel great.

Vitamins have a lot of benefits and most of them are related to the way in which we feel and look. Moreover, normal levels of vitamins can help our immune system fight some nasty conditions, among which terrible colds and other such things.

The main idea is that women should get as much vitamins as possible and they should all come from the foods they are eating. Unfortunately, we tend to cook our foods in such ways that we get rid of all the vitamins they carry and that should be prevented from happening.

How to Cook Your Food without Losing the Vitamins

The most well known for of preventing vitamin loss from foods when cooking is by cooking them on steam. This way, we get to preserve most of the vitamins we need to have a healthier life. Also, preparing the foods as late as we can, meaning, exactly when we plan to eat them, also saves up a lot of the vitamins, because the later we eat them, the less vitamins they will have.

If you decide to buy frozen food, it is better to cook it without defrosting it, because otherwise it loses much of the vitamins that are still left in it. Also, making salads out of fresh vegetables is always a good way of preserving a lot more vitamins than if they are boiled or heavily cooked.

What Else Can I do to Prevent Vitamins Loss?

One thing we can do to prevent vitamin loss is to always buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh foods are richer in vitamins and when they are raw, the vitamin levels are a lot higher than when they are cooked.

Another thing we can do is to store these foods in proper containers, because there are some vitamins which get destroyed in the sun. Such a vitamin is B2, contained by foods such as pod vegetables, pasta and rice.

Therefore, keeping such foods somewhere dark and a little cold is always better to preserve the vitamin.

Another way we can make sure we do not lose the vitamins is by washing fruits and vegetables with a brush on running water. This way, we save a lot of water and we also save most of the vitamins contained by these fruits and vegetables.

Washing them for a too long period of time can lead to the loss of these vitamins we need so much.

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