The Incredible Powers of Garlic!

Garlic is a great remedy for many diseases, including influenza and respiratory or digestive problems.

Let us see how you should consume it:

Garlic is recommended to stabilize blood pressure. In addition, it lowers blood cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis and digestive tract cancer.

It also has Anti-haemorrhagics action.

Powerful antibacterial, is indicated both in respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, influenza, lung efizem, spastic or whooping cough, asthma, hoarseness, runny nose), and in cases of infectious diarrhea.

Garlic is also good if you have ”a lazy ball”, digestion problems, kidney stones, gout, rheumatism, endocrine imbalance or periodontitis.

You will find capsules made from garlic

It can be eaten as such, in food, or prepared as a sauce.

If needed, you can avoid the problem of bad breath by taking capsules made from garlic extract.

Another way to handle the odor: clean and cut, very finely, a clove of garlic and then swallow it with a glass of water.

Here are the contraindications:

You should not eat garlic if you have heartburn, dry cough or bloody.

To those with sensitive stomach may cause discomfort, such as temporary loss of appetite, indigestion, feeling sick.

Nursing mothers should not eat garlic, because the taste will be transmitted into the produced milk.

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