The importance of fruits and vegetables in our life

“Eat more fruits and vegetables” is usually said by doctors but not only. It is the prime recommendation for a healthy life and body. A high consumption of fruits and vegetables protect against heart disease, cancer, and above this, helps us to keep blood pressure under control and a low level of cholesterol. Many experts also say that a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables prevent pain caused by digestive problems.

Antioxidants in your daily alimentation

Antioxidants are recommended for a good health, and you can found a larger amount of them, you are able to choose from different fruits and vegetables well cooked.  The most important sources of antioxdants are given by  spinach, peppers, asparagus, okra, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, olive, soybean oil and olive oil. The most important antioxidants himself is that neutralizes the harmful action of free radicals, which over time causes cell degeneration. The human body is more vulnerable than we think, in the context of the existence of pollution, exposure to ultraviolet rays sometimes inevitable and unsuitable compounds in the diet.

Premature skin aging, cardiovascular diseases and malignant ones are just some examples of long-term effects of free radicals. Fortunately, we have enough resources to fight against them – and win the battle. As I said, we have many possibilities to find antioxidants in our daily food and diet. We have to choose fresh food and make daily exercise to keep our mind and body enlightened.

In general, it is best to eat fruits and vegetables, but if for whatever reason this is not possible, or stewed fruit or jam are not neglected, even if some of their nutrients are lost through processing. Beta-Carotene is one that helps to counteract the effects of pollution and radiation. You can find in carrots, pumpkin,boroccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peaches and apricots.

Some interesting things about fruits 

Nutrition specialists says that raspberry  is a good fruit, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Experts say that the fruits reduces fever and, according to numerous studies, the slow evolution of cancer cells. In addition, raspberries improves digestion and is recommended for overweight and even obese. Moreover, the fruit is rich in fiber, which helps to balance blood cholesterol. But raspberry has other beneficial effects on the body.

Thus, to prevent cold and to increase immunity, raspberry is excellent and it is recommended to use them. In addition, due to high content of vitamin A and C, raspberries reduces acidity in the stomach and prevents gastric diseases. This fruit contains large amounts of organic acids, sugars and pectin, a substance that causes berries to be one of the most suitable for preparing fruit jellies. Nutritionists say that a serving of 300 grams of raspberries daily consumption, which has about 150 calories, can lead to prevention or relief of stress. Delicious fruit has antimicrobial properties, rich in magnesium and calcium. The same portion is a perfect remedy against the development of heart disease.

Blackberries contains salicylate, the active ingredient that it is found in aspirin. Therefore, they also had anti-inflammatory effects. People with low tolerance to aspirin should be moderate in eating blackberries. Because of very small seeds, blackberries contain soluble fiber – such as pectin, they are protecting the health of the digestive system and preventing obesity.


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