The Best Sweets for Our Health

Here’s a tasty article for you: The Best Sweets for Our Health

Are you a great consumer of candies, chocolate, ice cream or cakes? Do you know which sweets you should eliminate from your daily desserts and what is good for your health? We are going to help you find out!

Sweets, although they are very delicious, can be very harmful to your health if you consume them every day, in considerable quantities. This is because their main ingredient is sugar – considered by the nutritionists a “ necessary evil”.

Sugar is “bad” because it has many calories and “necessary” because the brain needs it to improve our memory and concentration. In addition, foods which contain sugar stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain, resulting in achieving a good mood and a restful sleep.

60 Grams per day

The ideal amount of sugar that should be consumed by a person during a day is of 60 grams. However, in order to prevent gaining weight, obesity and the complications arising from this, experts point out that the daily dose of sugar should not exceed 50 grams. It is a very small amount, considering that sweets are not the only foods with a high content of sugar. It can be also found in bread, sauces, cereals or soft drinks.


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Sweets and candy

Bad Fats – Risk of cancer

Sugar is not the only harmful element in the composition of sweets. Another ingredient which is at least as damaging as sugar is margarine, which contains hydrogenated fats. People who usually eat this type of sweets ( containing margarine) have an increased risk of cancer. Desserts which contain butter instead of margarine bring the “bad” cholesterol in the blood and if they are consumed in large quantities they can cause hypertension and the risk of stroke.


Chemical Desserts

Nutritionists believe that if you do not suffer from diabetes and you have a normal weight, then a small amount of sweets won’t hurt you. In any case, even healthy people should not opt for the sweets they find in the markets, full of sugar and lots of chemicals. We should consume desserts composed of various combinations of fresh fruits, fruit salads and homemade fruit cakes.


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Sweet Heaven!

Fruit Yogurt

Fruit yogurts represent an excellent choice when it comes to desserts. They can be served at breakfast or as a snack in the evening while watching your favourite show. However, you should avoid the commercialized fruit yogurts, which contain chemicals. You can make your own delicious yogurt with fruits at home!

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Is there anybody who doesn’t like chocolate? Hard to believe that there is! Even nutritionists agreed that chocolate is not as bad as they initially thought. Unfortunately, this is only the case of dark chocolate with a high concentration of cocoa and less milk and sugar.

Fruit pie or chocolate cake?

Homemade cakes, especially those containing fruits represent one of the healthiest options for a delicious dessert. Try to create your own recipes, combining fruits with the creams made by your own hands and you will discover that sweets can be a nice leisure activity, not only honey for your senses!

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