Sugar diminishes your beauty

Are you willing to make sacrifices to get rid of extra pounds but you cannot give up desserts for the sake of beauty? What if you knew that the presence of sugar in the body promotes and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, would you eliminate it from your diet?

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According to Michele Chevalley Hedge, the famous Australian nutritionist, the consumption of sugar leads to the occurrence of some extremely harmful molecules in the human body, known as “advanced glycation products” (AGE), which affect collagen and elastin.

Sugar damages collagen, changing in the same time its structure. Glycation makes the collagen in the skin more fragile, and when this happens, the skin loses its suppleness.

In addition, AGE deactivate the antioxidant enzymes in the body, leaving your skin vulnerable to sunlight, which is the main cause of skin aging.

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The mechanism is simple: the more sugar you eat, the more AGE your organism develops; as these molecules accumulate, they deteriorate neighboring proteins, through a domino effect. Once the collagen and elastin are deteriorated, the skin becomes dry and brittle and wrinkles install almost immediately.

In such cases, the effects of aging begin at the age of 35 and quickly get worse, the only remedy being the drastic reduction of sugar.

The Australian geneticists say that the wrinkles will not disappear overnight, along with giving up sugar; our skin appearance will improve in time, especially if we use retinol solutions which help recreating collagen.

Tricks to get rid of cravings for sweets:

  • Hydrate yourself as much as you can and try to drink at least two liters of plain water per day;
  • Try to do physical exercises every day in order to oxygenate your body and offer it the necessary amount of energy;
  • Sleep at least eight hours per night;
  • If you feel exhausted because of your duties at work, take a couple of days off to recharge your batteries. Otherwise, your body will try to compensate the fatigue and stress accumulated by eating sweets;
  • Do not take any pills which are believed to diminish your cravings for sweets. They could deregulate the functions of your organism and do a lot of harm;
  • Don’t fill your fridge with goodies. Do you usually buy various sweets when you go out – just to have something delicious at home in case some friends come to visit you? Well, get rid of this habit.
  • Do you eat candies or chocolate every evening while watching TV? If you do, try to replace these sweets with fruits.
  • Have you tried spirulina? It is a natural algae which not only diminishes your appetite and helps you lose weight, but it will also fill your organism with energy.
  • Replace carbonated drinks with tea made by your own hands and sweetened with honey. You can also add some slices of lemon for a delicious taste.
  • Try to find happiness and relief in other things besides sweets. We know that eating a piece of chocolate can bring you a lot of satisfaction. But there are also other activities which can release the same sensations of satisfaction and pleasure.
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