STUDY: You are what you drink

What do you know about what you drink?

No matter if we talk about the juices you have during the hours you spend at work or the refreshing beverages you choose to drink in the evening, you should know that they could ruin your diet.

Carbonated beverages

Even if the label of the beverage shows that it contains only 15-20 calories, this doesn’t mean that what you drink is healthy.

Studies have shown that carbonated beverages are responsible for the increasing number of obesity cases.

Moreover, their components attack teeth and the skeletal system. Thus, it is better to opt for drinks without bubbles.

The recommended substitute for this type of beverages is represented by fresh natural juices made by your own hands, tea and compote.


tasty juice receipes

Fresh made juice

Diet drinks

Even if they assure you that they contain a minimum amount of calories or no calories at all, sugar-free drinks – which are however made using sweetners- can easily „trick” your diet.

Scientist have proved that the risk of gaining weight rises with 41% in the case of people who drink at least one dose of diet drinks per day.

But, why? Which is the explanation? If you try to deceive your body by not consuming calories from your favourite beverage and on the other hand you eat anything, without restrictions, the brain will require the body to get calories from other products.


how to drink wine

Woman drinking wine

A glass of wine

It represents approximately 110 calories, therefore it is not so bad for your diet- if it isn’t accompanied by a copious meal, of course. However, it is better to stop after the first glass and also to try to drink wine rarely.

Why? Because the dark alcoholic beverages constrain the liver to work harder in order to process them, which leads to crapulence. The white wine can also make you feel dizzy, as it strongly dehydrates the body.

A glass of champagne or sparkling wine

A cup of champagne contains more calories than a glass of red wine and it is usually consumed next to fruits, caviar or crackers.

As for its power to make you feel dizzy- you shouldn’t blame only the alcohol, but also the fact that this beverage is carbonated (which makes alcohol to be easily absorbed by the organism).

However, not the occasional consumption, but the abuse – leads to the movement of the scale needle.

A bottle of blonde beer

It is the equivalent of three spicy chicken wings (125 calories). Considering the fact that it is also a carbonated beverage, the beer can easily get you tipsy.

On the other hand, nonalcoholic beer doesn’t make you dizzy, regulates the activity of the thyroid gland and of the kidneys and has a great contribution in the process of losing weight.

In any case, we wouldn’t recommend a beer diet!

Nobody said that you should never drink alcoholic beverages. From time to time, you can splurge yourself with a cocktail.

Don’t forget to have a snack and also drink a lot of water before consuming an alcoholic beverage, otherwise, in the morning, the mirror will remind you that you have had some alcohol.

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