Strange Things which Make You Gain Weight

It’s no secret that if you take a break from months of physical activities or if you eat sweets at night, you will gain weight. But there are other less obvious things that can impact your weight. Many women, although they believe they are doing everything they should to lose weight, do not know that there are some activities that could sabotage efforts of losing weight.


Watch TV late at night

Some studies have found that people who go to bed late at night, are eating more food (on average about 248 calories more per day), follow unhealthy diets and are more likely to have a higher body mass index than those who prefer to go to sleep earlier. In addition, the way in which the calories are processed at night is different.

Many people make a habit of eating ice cream and other foods that contain calories. To make it easier to make a new routine, go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you manage to sleep 7-8 hours per night. After dinner, opt for healthy snacks such as grapes, berries, popcorn without additives or simple grains rich in fiber.

For business trips

As you spend more time traveling for work, the more are there probabilities to have a higher body mass indicator and a higher risk of becoming obese. The majority of business travels involve long periods of inactivity and unhealthy food choices. To avoid this, choose to eat sandwiches with healthy fillings (vegetables, steaks weak or grains ) in your luggage and take a pair of sneakers to be able to exercise.

The air conditioning’s influence on calories

Following a study on nutrition, it has been found that the air conditioning helps the body maintain a neutral temperature at which the intensity of calorie burning decreases. Moreover, when you’re hot you tend to eat less, and when temperatures are low to eat more. Experts recommend you set the air conditioner at the highest temperature that you can stand or turn it off.

The diet with artificial sweeteners

If you drink diet sodas or a cup of coffee with artificial sweeteners daily, it is likely that your body mass index rises by 47% compared to those who do not have these habits. Artificial sweeteners stimulate the desire to eat sweet and will increase the amount of calories gained. If you are craving something sweet, add a little fruit juice in a glass of siphon or drink iced tea. Thus, you add extra healthy antioxidants to your diet.

Constant involvement in many concurrent activities

The fact that you are faster and can do more activities at the same time could have a negative effect on your diet. When you are very busy, it will be more difficult to do sports and to cook healthy meals. In addition, you give in easy to temptation and consume unhealthy foods as a result of exhaustion and damage to the self-control brain function.

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