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Spirulina is a miraculous algae which helps us maintain our vitality, dynamism and energy, having the power of revitalizing our entire body. Also, Spirulina Supplements should not miss from your medicine cabinet.

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What is Spirulina

And, of course, why is considered a wonder of nature? Because it really has incredible effects on our body. Spirulina is not just a simple algae. It is that special algae which stands out from 30.000 species, having the highest content of vitamins and amino acids. Since the properties of spirulina recommend it as a stimulant in the process of regeneration of skin cells, it is a very valuable ingredient in beauty products.

What does Spirulina actually represent?

Spirulina is a freshwater microalgae, which contains a high concentration of nutrients: protein (70 %), amino acids, minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium), vitamins (B12, beta – carotene), omega-3 and omega-6.

Spirulina has in its composition chlorophyll and SOD (super oxide dismutase), thus powerful antioxidants. In addition, all these nutrients are easily absorbed by the body, as spirulina has in its composition cellulose membranes.

The beneficial effects of Spirulina

Spirulina is a general activator of our immune system. During a month, spirulina must be consumed in small amounts of 2-4 g per day, before breakfast.

This algae remineralizes the body, increases our body strength, improving the resistance of the organism to infections and facilitating the oxygenation of the muscles. Moreover, spirulina revitalizes the hair, skin and nails. Therefore, if you wish to be envied for your natural glow this autumn, include spirulina in your daily schedule.

The fatty acids, present in spirulina, have beneficial effects on blood cholesterol levels. Its pigments, which give spirulina the blue-green colour, strengthen the immune system. The chlorophyll is antiseptic and healing, detoxifying the body.

Since spirulina contains just a small amount of iodine, it can be consumed by everyone. However, spirulina is particularly recommended for: athletes, pregnant women, vegetarians (being an important source of iron, protein and vitamin B12), to those who keep a diet or to the ones who wish to achieve a wonderful tan (as spirulina contains beta-carotene).

Use with confidence the facial masks and cosmetic treatments that contain spirulina, as the natural extracts work intensely on the skin, having a healing effect. Because of the b bio-active action of spirulina, the skin elasticity improves.

Utilized in the form of powder in creams and beauty masks, it attenuates allergic rashes and blemishes. You can add spirulina powder in the cream you use daily or you can simply apply it on your face as a skin treatment made entirely of pure spirulina. The refreshing effect of spirulina is guaranteed.

On the other hand, spirulina is utilized in treating certain skin disorders: dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Although it has a positive effect upon the body and can help us lose weight easily, spirulina should not replace a balanced diet. Spirulina does not make us slimmer. It actually helps us losing weight by reducing appetite. Thanks to its rich protein content, spirulina can influence the weight loss process. Thus, the proteins in spirulina are the ones responsible for the loss of appetite.

This is why you should take Spirulina Supplements.

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