Some tips for a healthy and simple diet after the holidays!

All you want is to lose weight fast and healthy after the holidays: you eat what you failed in your hand, you have done all the desires (and a little extra), you drink a little glass of wine than is recommended occasionally. And, because you have gained a few pounds more than those who wanted to give them down anyway, you learn exactly what to do to lose weight quickly and healthy after the holidays, guaranteed!

Your rules to lose weight quickly and healthy after the holidays!

Make healthy changes-In fact, it’s easy to make small changes, healthy, one by one – so you will not feel overwhelmed (need to change my entire lifestyle overnight) and you’ll find that over two months, your life is to completely different line. Do you like tuna salad? Well, there is no reason in the world that it will float in mayonnaise!Love chocolate? eat a square of dark chocolate, not a whole slice of cake!

Inventoried your kitchen-Kidnaps you two hours to review all the food you have in your kitchen (watch for the refrigerator, pantry,cabinets – all locations that store food ingredients). Cancel (make gift or throw!) to everything you could compromise diet (biscuits, chocolates, candies, muffins, croissants, juice, everything) and put healthy food on hand, natural, which will be based on your diet now!

 Give importance to useless things

Reconsider pots and pans used for cooking- Look carefully at the objects you use to cook, see in what state are and if  they are helpful.
You have and you can fry in one pan, that without using oil? If not, go now to buy one! Only with this very important purchase you can reduce up to 500 calories daily menu!You have the right dishes to cook in the oven? Have a special pan for the grill?
Try something new in every week-Enemy number one of successful diet is boring, so I suggest to remove before it is set up. Buy yourself a brilliant cookbook or make your online subscription to a diet, so that you can experience every week, new recipes, delicious!
Use oven more often-Cooking in the oven is one of the most wonderful strategy for diet! Not only saves you a lot of calories(chicken meat and vegetables in a bowl of water with spices, and food ready!), but you have no food ready intime to kidnap you without making a mess in the kitchen. What could be simpler?
Organize your refrigerator-Use transparent containers (or labeled) for all ingredients and keep them in a perfect order. In this way your fridge is clean, the food will keep better, and you will know exactly where, in every moment what is fresh food that you have to create a delicious meal.
Another Tip! Position the green vegetables in top shelf of the right eye – in this way you will be tempted to use them more often, you’ll save calories and you gain health!
Fulfill your most precious desires – one by one- You have an elegant restaurant where you want to go? A bottle of champagne that much you wanted to open? A special kind of food you read about online?
Do not keep away from these pleasures, try to incorporate into your lifestyle and reward yourself once a week.


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