Risk of Dementia High with High Cholesterol During Our 40s

There have been made many studies trying to understand the Alzheimer’s disease and also to find a way if not to stop it, at least to prevent it as much as possible. Well, according to one of the most recent studies made on the issue, it seems that Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented from an early age. It seems that if we keep an eye on our cholesterol as we pass our 40s, we will be able to control our condition better, researchers say.

There are many degenerative diseases. A degenerative condition usually consists of the brain cells which start dying and are not able to regenerate themselves. One such condition, and the most famous of them all, is Alzheimer’s disease. Although specialists have been trying hard to find a way to stop it, they have not been able yet. And it seems that even in the future, there will not be a certain way of stopping the evolution of the condition.

What Mental Capacities Decline with Alzheimer’s?

Although everyone has heard about Alzheimer’s, there are still many people out there who simply do not know what the condition is like and what the main symptoms are or what the most common things that start failing are. For instance, the first signs of Alzheimer’s are when people realize their recent memory stopped working or when they do not seem to remember immediate or distant things. Once the condition evolves, people are no longer to use words properly and the sense of the body in space is almost completely lost.

In one of the stages of the condition, people even get to the point in which they cannot tell right from wrong and there can be observed the impossibility of initiating or ceasing speech or a certain activity. The truth of the matter is that Alzheimer’s is a very dangerous condition and ultimately, the patient must be kept in bed, as they are no longer able to walk for themselves. Death comes slowly and patients usually suffer a lot because of it.

What Has Cholesterol Levels to Do with Alzheimer’s?

In order to at least try to prevent the condition or delay it, scientists have made a lot of studies, trying to find out what the best way or the best treatments to do it are. Unfortunately, many of these studies failed to show something that would actually work with the condition. Still, this new study that shows that if we control out cholesterol levels once we pass our 40s, we could be able to keep the condition under control or even to prevent it altogether.

According to this theory, it seems that just like the heart, the brain needs oxygen to function and if the heart works well, so will the brain. Therefore, the idea suggested by this new study is that as long as we are able to keep our heart healthy and going, we will be able to prevent the development of this degenerative condition, called Alzheimer’s disease.

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