Reduce cholesterol: 6 Effective Solutions

Why should you reduce cholesterol? Well, holidays are coming! Let me remind you what that means for most of us: FOOD, huge amounts of tasty candy, steaks and so much more. You will need some simple steps that you can apply to help lower blood cholesterol. If you’ll have more than you could handle, this is how you can recover!

reduce cholesterol

how to reduce cholesterol

Statistics show that one third of people living in the U.S.A. have cholesterol problems, having a high value of cholesterol in their blood. It is therefore essential that after a period in which culinary temptations were everywhere, to follow the recommendations of our doctors or your physician supply and to take cholesterol medications as you have been prescribed.

Also, some routine blood tests should not be ignored at all if you have problems with cholesterol and you are aware of the few excesses you made during holidays.

cholesterol food lowerReduce cholesterol at home 

  1. Take omega-3 capsules or even eat 4 servings of fish per week: salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, anchovies.
  2. Drink Artichoke tea or other combinations of plants that regulate cholesterol, such as celandine, St. John’s wort, yarrow, thistle, dandelion or use tinctures made from these herbs!
  3. Avoid fats and follow the doctor’s advice!
  4. Eat every day 5-6 pistachio nuts or almonds in raw state!
  5. Porridge oats should be your choice in the morning, but prepare it with water, not milk!
  6. Beware of sugar and alcohol, which do not provide many nutrients, but have many calories. They contribute to high cholesterol by “helping you” gain weight. An overweight body contains excesssaturated fats so if your plan was to lose weight, here was your secret.

Foods that raise your blood cholesterol

bad cholesterol banned

Bad cholesterol

You have to be careful from now on. Write down these 14 foods that are recognized as harmful to cholesterol and try eating them in moderation!

  • whole milk
  • butter
  • cream
  • creams: cheese, butter
  • sausages
  • speck
  • popcorn
  • salad dressing sites
  • cream
  • chips
  • sweets from trade
  • pastries
  • fried foods
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