Onions – Extremely Beneficial for Your Health

Onions are probably some of the most consumed vegetables in the entire world and having various types of onions makes things even better. Did you know that onions are extremly beneficial for your health?

Each type of onion has its own properties, benefits and taste and depending on your needs, you will be able to choose from specimens including red, green, yellow or white.

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The best part of it all is that onions are extremely nutritious and can help our entire body be healthier and avoid several chronic conditions. Not to mention that it can be cooked as you please, be it roasted or grilled or it can even be eaten raw.

Health benefits of onions

Onions have been proven to have a wide range of medicinal effects. One of the main reason people eat onions is because it helps treating colds a lot faster. Plus, it also helps with treating asthma and in the Chinese medicine, it has been used for a very long time in treating coughs, angina, breathing problems and bacterial infections.

In addition, onions protect people against arthrosclerosis, one of the most common conditions nowadays.

One of the major part onions play is the prevention of cancer and helping with cardiovascular conditions.

People who ate a lot of onions have been proven to have lower levels of bad cholesterol and their blood’s clogging time was a lot longer than in people who ate less onions or none.

In what concerns cancer prevention, onions are good with preventing stomach cancer.

Why are onions beneficial for your health

onions are extremely benefic for your health

Onions have in their composition many sulfides and these are the things which can protect a tumor from growing larger.

Therefore, allium herbs, such as onions and garlic can help people protect themselves against stomach cancer, according to a study which took place in Greece.

Onions Are Exceptional for Your Health

Although onions are exceptional for our health and nutrition, it is absolutely necessary for us to understand that it needs to be consumed moderately.

This means that we can consume as much onion as we like, as long as we do not hurt our gastrointestinal tract.

A huge amount of onions can lead to stomach distress and this is the main reason for which we should consume it safely.

Even so, there has never been proved that onion consumption can lead to serious conditions. This stomach distress can cause nausea or diarrhea, but those are the only things which can happen due to excessive eating.

All in all, onions are extremely benefic for our health and bodies and studies all over the world have shown that there are more benefits to it than side effects.

Therefore, consuming onions at least once a day or every other day can protect you against stomach cancer and can also improve your blood’s clotting time, as well as your cholesterol. Eat one onion today!

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