Noni benefits, The Miraculous Fruit

Today you will learn about the noni benefits. Lately, I have been hearing about a fruit with a strange name which has revolutionized medicine and made miracles: Noni.

Noni originated in Polinesia, Tahiti and Hawaii, is being used for thousands of years in medical treatments by the people in these regions of the world. Moreover, in India noni is considered a sacred food and its name means “long life”. That is why is important to learn more about the noni benefits.

noni benefits

Noni benefits

Noni benefits

The noni fruit is of ovoid shape, yellow when it’s ripe and has a spicy-sour taste and pungent smell. Although not many people have heard about this fruit, it has been known and used for more than 2.000 years in traditional medicine as a remedy for many affections. Its existence and properties were mentioned since the year 1700 by the explorers and later by soldiers who arrived on Polynesian islands in the Second World War. Now are you interested in noni benefits?

Noni is one of the most special fruits in the world, as it contains substances which cannot be found in any other plant. It has been shown that noni contains over 150 biologically active substances (amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, mineralsm xeronine, proxeronine, scopoletina, damnacantal, etc.). Noni has in its composition 18 amino acids that contribute to the development of muscles and prevent their atrophy.

Scopoletina helps you maintain the balance of your organism, it has an adaptive effect, and it regulates sleep problems. Noni stimulates the formation of nitric oxide in the body, determines the dilation of arteries, reduces high blood pressure generally triggered by stress.

Other noni benefits 

One of the noni benefits is its Nitric oxide. It improves blood flow to tissues, has anti-thrombosis action, thereby it prevents heart attacks or strokes. Moreover, it has antioxidant properties and thus, it prevents cardiovascular diseases.

According to the researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the daily consumption of 30 – 120 ml of Noni juice reduces the risk of lung cancer among smokers.

The xeronine and proxeronine also have antidepressant action. These two substances accelerate the formation of endorphins, which induce a state of relaxation and well being. Also, these substances decrease the sensation of pain caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis.

What is even better is that this “drug” does not cause addiction. Xeronine triggers the anti inflammatory mechanisms in your body, it has anti allergenic effects and increases the resistance of the organism to bacteria and viruses. For this reason, Noni is recommended to people suffering from repeated upper respiratory infections.

Noni benefits conclusion

The American research conducted in the last 20 years on 20.000 Noni consumers indicate a 70% regression of cancer, 60% reduction in the risk of stroke, important adjustments in digestive and respiratory problems, a drastically reduction of stress and a boost for the immunity system.

In addition, Noni inhibits the formation of blood vessels that nourish the tumor tissues, having the capacity of increasing the synergistic action of cytostatics and interferon.

The single disadvantage of consuming Noni fruits is that they can induce constipation.

All in all, there is no reason why you should not eat as many Noni fruits as you can from now on. As we have shown above, Noni is a miracle of nature which can bring lots of benefits for your health.

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