New Year’s Eve Special Menu

We always want the table to be filled with  New Year`s goodies: with exotic foods, beautifully arranged and traditional products and drinks. Most times, guests gather around the table and, with so many available, they are also looking to have fun. Most importantly, the night of the year is to have a beautifully decorated table or  Swedish buffet, with simple dishes, tasty and fresh and that, above all, do not you take three days to prepare.

Some ideas for the New Years`s Eve menu

Meatballs with sesame

Ingredients: 500 g chicken breast, 2 slices of white bread, salt, pepper, 2 eggs, 1 onion, 3-4 cloves garlic, dill connection, 100 g sesame
– The chicken must be given by chopping or shredding machine very well
– Mix well with eggs, meat, bread (you have to keep 3-4 minutes in water and then squeezed well), salt, pepper,chopped garlic, grated or chopped onions once and very finely chopped dill.
– Of this paste make small balls that are wrapped by sesame and then fried in hot oil for several minutes, until they are golden brown.
– Can serve as an appetizer on lettuce leaves or a little mustard.

Pasta salad

Ingredients: fusilli pasta, 1 / 2 pounds mushrooms, 1 red pepper, 200 g ham or chicken breast, 100 g pitted black olives, parsley, mayonnaise light, salt, pepper.

Preparation: Boil pasta as directed on package, add to pan with mushrooms, drawn a little olive oil, chopped pepper strips, ham or diced grilled chicken, olives, salt and pepper. Mix everything with a little mayonnaise and garnish with parsley. Allow to cool about 1-2 hours before serving.

Combine fruits with meat, and try delicious dessert

Tuna salad with grapefruit serverd in  avocado peel

Ingredients: avocado, grapefruit, tuna canned in own juice, boiled eggs, oil, salt, pepper, green onions or dry.

It is very easy to prepare! Avocado pulp is a paste that is mixed with boiled egg yolks and a little oil. Then put the pieces of tuna, add green onions, parsley, chopped egg whites, grapefruit pieces, salt and pepper. This mixture is served in the shells of the avocado, topped with slices of grapefruit. You can add some shrimp!

Tandoori chicken

Ingredients: chicken thighs (can use thighs, whole or cut whole chicken), spices: salt, pepper, chili pepper paprika, cumin, garlic, coriander, cinnamon, rosemary and oregano, olive oil.

Preparation: Put chicken thighs in a tray with baking paper, cut to the bone and coat with sauce made of all the above spices mixed with olive oil. Leave the oven (without water and without being covered) for one hour, until nicely browned.

Grilled pineapple

Ingredients: A large pineapple, honey, cinnamon, whipped cream

Preparation: Cut pineapple into large pieces, then rubbed with honey and sprinkle cinnamon. Allow 1 hour in the refrigerator, wrapped in aluminum foil or in a covered pot. Then heat the grill, rub a little oil and fry the pieces until they become slightly caramelized pineapple. Serve with cream, icecream or other sauce that you like.

And you can try also a delicious cocktail, Pink California Sunshine

Ingredients: orange juice, apricot liqueur and champagne.

Preparation: Mix orange juice with apricot liqueur and pour into a tall glass. Then put the champagne.

A Happy New Year everyone!

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