I want to gain weight! What should I do?

For most representatives of the fair sex, a harmonious figure, as much as possible without “wings” and cellulite is a condition for the ultimate look and feeling great.

We enjoy every pound we manage to get off, swearing “war” to all the fat.

But what happens to those who want the opposite?

I want to gain weight! What should I do?

As much as some of us are trying to reach an ideal weight by testing eccentric diets and sweating in the aerobics room, there are even more women that go for excessive eating, for being underweight, and even fail to gain even a gram.

Very skinny people have a metabolism like “quick silver” and manage to burn the calories consumed in record time.

Whether you blame it on genetics or devices from the gym, and donuts consumed in industrial quantities have no effect, you might want to try “miraculous” supplements hoping to win one kilogram or two.

Don’t to that! These solutions are not only drastic or ineffective, but most of the times, they are also dangerous for your health.

If you really want to earn some extra pounds naturally, without putting any pressure on the body, start with food changes, taking care “not to jump any of the five meals that have to be eaten each day”, as advised by specialists in nutrition.

At the same time, you should take a more important look at proteins, as “consumption of foods rich in protein is essential to gain weight “, said nutrition expert.

“This should be made after 30 minutes after specific exercises and it involves eating specific foods such as eggs, legumes, chicken and beef, fish and cheese or drinking protein supplements.”

Eating is not the only element that will bring your body some extra pounds. It is more than appropriate to be active and practice exercises suitable to you.
These have many health benefits, tonifying your body and helping your mental state, helping achieve the long-dreamed weight (as long as your expectations are realistic).
Sport has a key role in the process of fattening. Without sports, fat will be deposited only on undesirable areas. There are specific exercises that are done to increase muscle mass and these should only be made under the guidance of a specialist. Sport is recommended for body building. “
If you were ambitious and persevering and managed to get your desired weight, the biggest challenge is to maintain it.
In other words, you won a battle but not war.
It’s up to you to adopt a lifestyle that is disciplined enough to keep your gained silhouette.
“You have to maintain a program that includes exercises and, necessarily of course, keep a balanced diet. These two will also need a lot of will and a positive attitude, which will certainly help you not to go wrong.”



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