Healthy diet for people over 40

To keep a healthy diet after the age of 40 years is not as easy as you have 25 or 30. The body is more sensitive and  some diet can sometimes have dramatic effects.

Know that you have on your side but some foods can help you lose weight without problems after the age of 40. They must be attached in any case a proper diet.

Different tips for a healthy diet

Water with lemon-Californian researchers have found in a study involving 240 people like those who replaced the sweet drinks with water with lemon lose by 2 pounds per year than people who do not do this. This diet not only helps us to lose weight, but also to create a process of detoxifying the body and, why not put up a healthy lifestyle, because the only way we can keep an enviable figure, a form excellent physical and, last but not least, health.

The reason that lemon should be appreciated and consumed with perseverance would be its effect in preventing and combating obesity. The main way to realize the effect of the intensification of burning at the cellular level, now effect the entire body. For this reason lemon was included as a basic element or adjunct to diet and take a more important role among nutritionists recommendations.

Weak bar-A British study shows that women who consume high fiber and carbohydrate bars lose twice as many pounds in the daily activities than those who eat foods low in fiber.

Walnuts- When you feel the need to crunch something, give up chips in favor of walnuts. Walnuts are rich in fatty acids that give you the impression of fullness for longer. In a one-year study conducted on people with diabetes who followed a low-fat diet was found that those included in their diets daily 8 or 10 nuts lose more weight than those who ate walnuts.

Hot sauce-In a study involving 36 people, Australian researchers found that those who ate fast food and insulin levels were 32% less. Thus, a substance called capsaicin, located in hot food composition, improves the body’s ability to lower insulin levels, which implicitly leads to weight loss.

Properties of food

Cinnamon-You can successfully replace the normal and daily coffee with cinnamon sugar, which will give you more flavor and more health. Thus, part cinnamon help you have fewer calories and have a healthy heart, because it decreases cholesterol levels by up to 18% and that of triglycerides by 30%. In addition, is an excellent source of minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium) and fiber plus. The combination of calcium and iron helps in secretion of bile, which prevents damage to colon cells, which may promote colon cancer.

 Salmon-Salmon meat brings vitamin D and calcium in the body, two substances that your body is in great need in adulthood. In a study involving, for 7 years, approximately 36,000 women, aged between 50 and 79 years found that people who took calcium and vitamin D have less fat than those receiving a placebo . Salmon is relatively low in calories and low in saturated fat but high in protein and especially omega-3 fatty acids, very useful to our health.


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