Fried Food Healthy When Cooked in Olive Oil

According to the experts, eating fried food is not necessarily bad for the heart or for the general health, as long as it is cooked I olive or sunflower oil. The experts could not find any risks of heart disease when the food was cooked in this manner. The experts have stated that these two oils are the only ones which do not affect the health. The oils used in a typical American house, and the lard which is also very popular, do affect health.

Cook in Olive and Sunflower Oils

This means that people should stop cooking food in the regular oils they use, and rely more on the olive and sunflower oil. When the food is cooked in oil, it increases its number of calories, because some of the oil is absorbed in the food, and thus, they have more fat. It is also a known fact that eating food which contains lots of fat, increases the blood pressure, and causes high cholesterol. These two are the most common risk factors for heart diseases.

The study conducted by the Autonomous University of Madrid included 40,757 adults. They were questioned about their diet. They had to provide information about the types of food they usually eat, the way in which they prepare and cook the food. The study spread over the course of 11 years, and at the beginning of it, none of the participants suffered from a heart disease. By the end of the study, 1,134 of the participants died, and 606 of them developed a heart disease.

The researchers could not find a connection between heart disease and cooking the food in oil. This means that the type of oil has to be responsible for triggering heart diseases. Professor Michael Leitzmann from the University of Regensburg in Germany stated that the general opinion about the cooking oil is that it is bad for the health, when in fact, this has not been proven. This doesn’t mean that it is okay to eat only food fried in oil.

Might not Work with Other Diets

Since the study was conducted in Spain, it is obvious that the diet those people used was a Mediterranean one, which is known for the fact that it is very healthy. It consists of lots of fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, and so on. It is a known fact that a very healthy and balanced diet such as the Mediterranean one can reduce the development of certain diseases. It is unknown if the result would be similar in different countries which have a different diet.

The people who participated to the study used unsaturated cooking oil such as the olive and sunflower one. In other countries, many people use palm oil, butter, or lard in order to cook the food, which could cause high cholesterol. Regardless of the oil used, it is certain that foods with a high fat intake have a higher number of calories. A high lumber of calories can result in obesity, diabetes, and other similar illnesses.

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