Eliminate Soda from Your Diet

Sodas are excellent, as they have a nice taste, they are sweet and sparkling. However, sodas are not healthy drinks; in fact they can cause various health problems if they are consumed for a very long period of time.

There are various reasons why sodas should be avoided, and there are various healthier alternatives to soda, you can try.

Soda Doesn’t Provide Nutrition for the Body

Soda is absolutely worthless to your body and health. What many people might not know is the fact that soda has no nutritional value. The only things sodas have are calories and sugar. There are diet sodas with lower amounts of sugar and calories, but even those have no nutritional value.

Healthy drinks have numerous nutrients the body uses, and water can rehydrate you without containing sugar and calories.

Sodas contain high fructose corn syrup, which is a sweetener. This sweetener has been linked to obesity and diabetes. Sodas contain high amounts of sugar which can influence the hormones in the body.

It seems that diet soda is not much better either, as it contains artificial sweeteners which increase appetite, and influence weight loss. Sodas are also damaging for your teeth, because of their high sugar content. The sugar from the soda combines with the bacteria from the mouth, and together they for acid.

Other elements which can be found in sodas are caffeine and phosphorus. It is believed that these two can cause osteoporosis on the long run. The problem is that more and more children consume sodas instead of milk, and this could lead to problems.

Soda drinks can also be damaging for your organs, especially to the kidneys. Soda drinks can lead to metabolic syndrome of the live, chronic liver disease, and fatty liver.

Drink Something Else Instead of Soda

There are many healthier alternatives to sodas you can use. For example water; water is probably the best drink you can consume. It is free, and it does not cause any health problems whatsoever. On top of that, it does not contain calories.

Fruit juice is also better, but some nutrition experts warn that fruit juice has too much sugar. They recommend combining fruit juice with seltzer, or if you really crave fruits, to eat the fruit directly. By doing so, you will also benefit from the fiber content of the fruits.

Milk is another alternative for soda. Milk has lots of nutrients and calcium, and it is very important for children. It does not have lots of calories, but it has lots of benefits. If you do not like milk too much then you can try drinking tea.

There are lots of great teas you can drink: herbal, black, green, and others. All of them have high levels of antioxidants, which can protect the body from damage. In case you have a sweet tooth, you can replace sodas with a powdered drink mix. There are many flavors you can choose from, and there are also varieties without sugar.


  • I apologize to you because I must tell you that you have the drums in error, due to ignorance of energy knowledge (Biotronik new science)!

    What you have described in connection with the odd, has no basis of evidence, because it is known that the higher pH of the soda and it is very useful to balance the PH levels in the blood, where it is due to modern food and beverage (fruit, fruit juices, ice , salad / vinegar …) in the blood too much uric acid, which negatively affects the kidneys, causing stones and negative acts on bone wear conclusions and decisions, the level of the harmful effects on all bodily functions!
    Water is generally not a healthy drink, if not boiled, as the water in each lot of organic materials, which are most harmful, like milk when it can eventually break down and only a few stomachs it can withstand!

    I think it is wrong to say something, and recommended, which is not practical and theoretical solid evidence!

  • What is soda? Soda is a basic substance that the body benefits from the fact that net harmful substances in the body and regulates the pH value, which is necessary to eliminate the harmful excess of uric acid in the body! Meanwhile, the beverage “Coca Cola”, literally harmful drink!

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