Eat Your Veggies for a Healthy Brain

We all remember how unhappy we were as little children when our parents made us eat those nasty looking vegetables. Once we grew older, however, we understood why out parents put us through hell and we started doing that to our own children. It is crucial to eat our vegetables while we still have teeth to chew them raw, as they are very healthy and good and, according to the most recent study made on the issue, they also help our brain a lot.

Vegetables Slow Mental Decline

We all know and understand that vegetables are good and healthy and we try to introduce them in our daily diets as much as we can. Unfortunately, we still do not eat enough veggies, as it seems, because is we had, we would not suffer from Alzheimer’s and other degenerative conditions in such large numbers. Old people do not just get sick and start their decline, is all our diet decisions that bring us where we are and we should understand that healthy food, no matter how tasteless it may be, is the best for us and our health.

Furthermore, there are more and more people who seem to think that eating is for pleasure and not for surviving, which is quite a bad idea, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying your food, as long as it is healthy food. For instance, the recent study in discussion showed hat eating vegetables could protect our brains against the nasty degenerative conditions which seem to have taken over the entire world.

Eat Healthy While You Are Young

There are many people out there who seem not to understand that eating your vegetables is the best thing you can do both for your body and your brain. We would all love to look like those models on the magazine cover, but most of us do nothing about it. Moreover, once we hit our 40s and we are married and with children, we practically leave aside all healthy thoughts and we start gaining weight and neglecting our eating habits. And the truth of the matter is that people could not do anything worse than this to their bodies and their brains! Eating healthy once you hit your 40s is recommended even more.

This is the main reason for which people should understand that is necessary to live their entire lives eating healthy and doing healthy exercises which will keep nasty conditions at a long distance. It has been shown that we do not get sick with old age and that we are the only ones who actually put this idea in our own minds. We simply slack it, we start eating whatever we can and we forget that when we were in our 20s we were very concerned with eating healthy, so as to look good.

Keep in mind that eating your vegetables is not only good for your exterior, but it also does wonders to all your organs and to your brain and it also helps you prevent degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s or any other condition which start developing, usually, with old age.

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