Dishes to Cook for the Chinese New Year

In case you did not know, this year the Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 23. It is the most important traditional Chinese Celebrations, as it marks the end of winter, and it lasts 15 days. The end of the festivity is marked by the Lantern Festival. Usually people buy gifts, clothing, food, and so on. It is also customary for the people to clean their homes in order to eliminate the bad luck.

What can you cook?

One of the main features of the festivity is the fact that there are lots of great dishes people can cook. In what follows you will find information about some of the most popular traditional foods of the Chinese New Year. One of the most popular dishes is called Buddha’s Delight. It is a vegetarian dish, and it is very appreciated by the Chinese people. It is believed that by eating a vegetarian diet in the first five days of the New Year, the spirit and the body will be cleansed. Usually, the dish has 10 ingredients, but there are cases when it has up to 35.

Fish is a very popular dish for the Chinese New Year. Chinese people cook the fish with the head and the tail, because it symbolizes the fact that their year will have a very fruitful beginning and ending. You can cook the fish with fresh ginger, sesame oil, black beans, and so on. You can try different recipes.

Of course, one of the most famous Chinese foods is dumplings. This type of food is a classic Chinese New Year. Chinese people believe that luck is packed inside the dumpling together with the feeling, and that if they consume the food, they will consume the luck as well. There are cases when a coin is placed in one of the dumpling, and the one who finds it, will have extra luck over the course of the year. There are lots of fillings for the dumpling, such as pan fried pork, chicken, mushrooms, and so on.

Meanings behind food

Lettuce is another popular dish for the Chinese New Year, because in Cantonese the word lettuce sounds like the word for “rising fortune.” Many Chinese serve lettuce wraps filled with chicken, pork, and other ingredients as well.

People also consume long noodles at Chinese New Year, because they symbolize a long life. They are great, as they can be cooked in numerous manners. Some prepare them with mustard greens, as that represents long life for parents. Others use various vegetables, which indicate family unity. Some make homemade egg noodles, which represent fertility. There are lots of ways in which the long noodles can be cooked, and there are lots of ingredients people can use for them.

Last but not least, people can cook the Lion’s Head Meatballs, which are light and fluffy, unlike the Italian ones usually cooked by people from the United States of America. These are just some of the dishes people can make for the Chines New Year, and share with the rest of the family.

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