Diseases caused by the consumption of meat

We all like to eat our favorite vegetables with one or two slices of meat. Fish, chicken, beef, pork or mutton – these types of meat accompany our meals almost every day. This is not a bad habit as long as the quantity consumed is appropriate for our organism.

Diseases caused by meat

Diseases caused by meat

Meat is believed to be one of the most toxic foods. There are many diseases which are frequently caused by the excessive consumption of meat. Among these there are several forms of cancer, including: cancer of the colon, liver or ovarian cancer.

To this list we can add: heart failure, the appearance of kidney stones, arthritis, colitis of putrefaction, allergies (caused mainly by nitrite in meat), cellulites (caused by hormones in meat), constipation, acne, various hormonal disorders.

A recent study has shown that those who often eat meat have frequent stomach problems (especially constipation), reduced immunity, increased hepatic sensitivity and a tendency to accumulate fat and thus, to gain weight.

One of the reasons why people eating meat are more vulnerable to cancer is that the piece of meat, after a few days, gains an unhealthy greenish gray color. To meet this process of degradation, the meat industry uses various substances, such as nitrates and other preservatives to make it artificially (but unhealthy) appear red. Studies in recent years have shown that these preservatives are profoundly carcinogenic.

On the other hand, in order to increase profit, the animals are simply stuffed; they are injected with high quantities of hormones that stimulate chaotically growth. In addition, as farms have changed drastically these days, many animals never get to see sunlight.

Diseases caused by meat consumption

Their life completely depends on man, who forces them to stay in an unhealthy and unfavorable environment. Such artificial practices not only unbalance the chemicals in the bodies of these animals, but they also favor the appearance of malignant tumors and other malformation in man’s organism.

Premature aging

Eskimos, who live preponderantly with meat, age very quickly, having an average life of just 27 years. Kirghiz, a nomadic tribe in the eastern Russia, whose diet is mainly composed of meat, have quite a short life also, without exceeding in most cases 40 years.

The poisoning

Just before and especially after the agony in the slaughterhouse, the terrified animals struggle to keep themselves alive, occurring great biochemical changes in their organism. In this way, these products become toxic due to the large amounts of adrenaline released in their body. Thus, the meat is already poisoned with the dreadful suffering of the animal before its death.

Heart diseases

Animal fats such as cholesterol tend to accumulate on the inner walls of our blood vessels. As the person consuming meat gets older, these vessels become more and more narrow. Pressure on the heart increases, resulting the cardiac vulnerability.

Nowadays one of two people who eat meat is affected by chronic diseases related to blood vessels. The toxins and cholesterol can damage severely our health. Thus, we should all be more attentive when choosing meat as main dish for our daily diet.



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