Different types of food for a healthy digestion

It’s not always easy to keep up with a healthy food diet, but it is the only way to improve your digestion and maintain your organism in perfect shape. Many people with digestive problems complained about constipation pains, low energy and high cholesterol, but all that can be avoided by eating certain foods that help the body increase the immunity, encourage the production of healthy enzymes and also allow a normal digestive process.

Recommended types of food

First of all, you should know that the main types of food recommended are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, chicken and fish. It is advised to avoid alcohol since it can damage your liver but also cause bloating, chronic diarrhea and gas.

Vegetables have numerous nutritional values and they are the major providers of vitamins. The body receives vitamins A, B, C, K and others especially from a diet based on vegetables and fruits. Many treatments that include fruits have shown great results. The best example is the effect of lemons on the common cold. Even though the amount of vitamin C found in lemons isn’t the biggest from all fruits, it is enough to help boost up the immunity and overcome the disease.

Whole grains are considered to be better sources of fiber than the regular grains. They hadn’t had their germ and bran removed by milling therefore they still keep essential nutrients such as potassium, selenium and magnesium. Whole grains can be found in popcorn, whole wheat bread but also brown rice and buckwheat. Fibers have the role of modifying the contents of gastrointestinal tract at the same time changing the way chemicals and nutrients are absorbed, improving the digestive system.

Chicken but especially fish contain a high number of proteins, without the dangerous lipids and “bad cholesterol” that the red meat has. Fish have vitamin B, A and D but also Omega-3 fatty acids, acids that cannot be produced by the body itself. All these substances maintain an easy blood flow thus reducing risks of heart attacks.

Tips for a healthy digestion

If you already have a healthy food diet and you still suffer from digestive problems, then you should know a few tips for improving your digestion.

It is essential to chew your food very well. Once your brain is informed that you began eating, it will produce more saliva to help the food properly reach the stomach. Some foods start their digestive process right from the mouth, thanks to certain enzymes, and that is why chewing slowly is really important.

Don’t forget to drink the proper amount of liquid recommended per day. In case you drink less, you will suffer from constipation. If you don’t like plain water, you can change it with mineral water or you can flavor it with some fruits.

Another important tip for a good digestive process is eating yogurt. This dairy product contains active cultures of good bacteria that help the intestines to absorb better the essential substances.

All in all, in order to maintain a healthy digestion it is not only important what you eat, but also how you do it.

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