Difference between Men and Women’s Nutrition

It is widely known that men and women have a lot of things in common when it comes to nutrition, but there are also many things which are different and the bad part is that most women do not realize that if they practice and eat with their boyfriends or husbands they might not get as healthy as they are.

In a previous article (Differences Between Women’s and Men’s Fitness), I was telling you about the difference between the way in which men and women exercise and that men tend to lose more weight, in comparison to women, especially if they engage in the same type of exercising.

When it comes to nutrition, there are some similarities between men and women and the first one is that both men and women need the same amount of nutrients in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and to have a fit body.

What Are the Most Important Nutrients for Women?


Difference between Men and Women's Nutrition

Difference between Men and Women's Nutrition

As you can well imagine, these differences between men and women are more related to weight than with anything else. Usually, men tend to weigh more than women and that means they are going to have to eat a little more and to get their energy from more food than women do.

This means that a man will need more calories than a woman to stay healthy and therefore, a woman will have to get her nutrients for somewhere else.

Eating less means getting fewer nutrients and that may be a big problem, especially if the nutrients which lack are calcium and iron. It is widely known that women must improve their calcium and iron levels, because the calcium levels are related to osteoporosis problems later in life and low iron levels can lead to severe problems such as anemia. Given that women have menstruation, they need to take care of their iron levels more than men do.

Why Don’t Men Have Nutritional Deficiencies and Women Do?

As I have already mentioned, women tend to eat less than men and they also lose a lot of their nutrients in their menstrual blood. Therefore, even if a man a woman will eat the same amounts of calories per day, a woman will always have to deal with nutritional deficiencies and a man won’t.

Moreover, the fact that men are a little more or as active as women are, they also are more prone to keep their nutrient levels are a moderate level, being hard for them to deal with nutritional deficiencies.

In order for a woman to make sure that she won’t have to deal with nutritional deficiencies, she can always turn to nutritional supplements. There are numerous ways of getting the amount of nutrients needed and if food is not one of them, a woman can always try taking supplements.

There is this theory according to which supplements can make women fat, but if the woman is active and she is always on the run, working and taking care of things, there is a very low chance of her getting fat because of the supplements.

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