Consume Fruits and Veggies to Stay Healthy

Fruits and vegetables are very important when it comes to having a healthy diet. However, not too many people consume these types of food.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can increase your health. People who eat lots of fruits and veggies have lower chances of developing illnesses such as diabetes, strokes, and certain types of cancer.

Eat the Dark Colored Veggies

On top of the health benefits, vegetables also enrich with flavors and texture the food you eat. However, you need to know which types of fruits and vegetables you should choose in order to benefit the most from them. Nutritionists recommend choosing colored fruits and vegetables, because they are much better than the pale ones.

For example, it is better if you choose dark colored spinach than a paler alternative. Carrots, tomatoes, mangoes, grapefruits are all very beneficial for the health, as they contain lots of Vitamin A which can prevent heart diseases. What do they have in common? The color.

You should stay away from the pre-packaged health foods, because according to recent studies, they can do more harm than good. Even if they contain fruits and vegetables, their salt content is too high, and that can cause problems for some people.

It is much better if you prepare as much food as you can, because by doing so, you will not have to use the so called “healthy” foods. You can use spices and herbs in order to add flavor to your food, instead of salt.

You should always consume fresh fruits, and not frozen ones. Sure, when the fruits are not in their seasons, frozen fruits are acceptable, but you should try to limit their number. When it comes to vegetables, it is better to stick to the fresh ones, as the canned ones, have lost most of their nutrients.

Preparation can also destroy the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Because of this, it is advisable to eat them raw. Do not boil the vegetables, because they will be ruined. If you absolutely must cook them, then steam them instead. The steaming process is not as damaging as the boiling process for the vegetables.

Add Fruits and Veggies to Any Meal

You can add fruits and vegetables to most of your meals. For example, you can add banana or some strawberries to your cereals. You can combine yogurt with fruit and honey for a delicious dessert. You can add mushrooms, peppers, or spinach to your omelet.

If you make pizza at home, you can add as many vegetables as you like. You can add peppers, tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, and so on. You can do the same with pasta.

Despite of the popular opinions, dried fruits are not worse than regular fruits, as long as they do not contain added sugars. The only difference between them is the water content. As a result, you can keep dried fruits close, and eat them when you feel close.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet each day, and you will see the benefits in no time.

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