Celebrity Diet: Lady Gaga Diet

Do you know what diet Lady Gaga keeps? Lady Gaga has always wanted to conquer the world and she managed this in a very short time due to the shocking appearances.

Lady Gaga was nominated as the most influential artist in the world according to the survey conducted by Time magazine, ahead of the famous Oprah Winfrey.

Billboard declared Lady Gaga “Artist of the Year” in 2010, after Gaga campaigned for gay rights in the U.S. military, but also for sexual abstinence.

Lady Gaga released hit after another, and amazed every one of us with her stage outfits and public appearances. The list of achievements does not stop here.

celebrity diet

Although Gaga is part of the nonconformist stars that do anything to shock, when it comes to diet, Lady Gaga does not deviate from the rules imposed by nutritionists.

That’s because the figure, the shape of your body, is what influences your career the most, and health as well. After she fainted during a concert, Lady Gaga decided it’s time for a change.

She hired a personal chef to follow her around and help her adopt a healthy diet. Also contacted Harley Pasternak, trainer of the stars, and she started a program of exercises. So what’s the Lady Gaga diet about?

No bread included

Stefani Germanotta on her real name, told The Telegraph that when it comes to food she does not eat delicacies, but keeps a strict diet. Thus, the Lady Gaga diet includes tofu, hummus, vegetables, salads, fish, turkey and a lot of coconut milk.

“I do not eat bread, only fruits, vegetables, salads and fish. It is a regime that suits me.” says Gaga. But like any diet, the diva sometimes affords to cheat.

“From time to time I eat one serving of pasta or pizza. Especially when I spend time with my family.” admits Lady Gaga.

lady gaga diet35 minutes of exercise per day

As you should know by now, the diet, even the Lady Gaga diet, is only half effective for the maintenance of your body. Gaga follows all advices from the trainer Harley Pasternak.

The 35 minutes exercise program consists of strength exercises and cardio 5 times a week. If you are a fan, you know that Lady Gaga has a great body, but this is also due to her passion for jumping rope 10 minutes each day.

This type of exercise will correct your  posture and we truly recommend it. We have made a special article for jumping rope exercises, read it here:

Do you want to lose weight? Jump Rope

As for Lady Gaga’s flat stomach, Pasternack said in a recent interview that

“It’s not all about crunches. It is far more important to eat properly and do cardio exercises in order to burn belly fat.”

Gossips say, however, that Lady Gaga looks great not due to this special Lady Gaga diet. It seems the secret is baby food. According to an article in the American magazine Heat, the singer adopted the baby food diet in favor of the desire to quickly loose weight.

Therefore, she replaced the meals during the day with fruit and vegetable purees, made especially for children.

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