Carrots protects you against Cancer

Carrots are great sources of antioxidants and also are the richest source of provitamin A. Antioxidants in carrots helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer and improve vision.

Also, these vegetables contain vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber and potassium. Here are some reasons to be included in daily diet.

1. Helps prevent cardiovascular disease
Six studies made epidemiological link between diet rich in carotid with cardiovascular diseases and demonstrated that carotid-rich diet is associated with a lower risk of suffering cardiovascular disease. The results of another study involving 1,300 people in Massachusetts shows that those who consumed at least a carrot and spinach every day have a 60% lower risk of suffering a heart attack compared with those not used to consume these foods.

2. Improve eyeview
If your eyes are “playing tricks”, find that consumption of carrots would help you. Betacarotene helps to improve vision, especially on the night. After beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the liver, where it starts to retina is transformed into rhodopsin, a purple pigment necessary for night vision. Also, beta-carotene prevents macular degeneration and cataract development, the most common cause for blindness.

3. Improve lung function
Smokers should eat foods rich in vitamin A, recommend the experts. According to researchers at the University of Kansas, they help to smooth functioning of the lungs. While studying the link between vitamin A, lung inflammation and emphysema, Richard Baybutt, professor of nutrition, has made ​​an important discovery: a common carcinogen in cigarette smoke cause vitamin A deficiency. Baybutt considers that the protection offered by vitamin A explain why some smokers don’t make emphysema.

4. Protects against breast cancer
Carrots are the largest source of the carotid. A rich diet in carotids was associated with reduced 20% menstrual breast cancer and 50% of cancer of the bladder, cervix, prostate, colon, esophagus.

Cook whole carrots to protect you from cancer!
Experts from Newcastle University found that boiled whole carrots contain 25% more falcarinol, the substance that fights cancer. If they are chopped pieces, a greater number of nutrients from reaching the water in which carrots are cooked. Cut after being cooked, they have a higher content of nutrients and also taste better,” says Dr. . Kirsten Brandt of Newcastle University.
In a previous study, Dr. Brandt has found that mice with a diet based on carrots or falcarinol presents a 3-times smaller risk of developing tumors. But Dr. Brandt didn’t stop there with the inquiries. The study continued and found that boiled before being cut carrots contain a higher amount of falcarinol.

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