Take Care of Cravings while Pregnant

One of the inconveniences of being pregnant is the fact that you develop all sorts of cravings. Some women develop cravings for ice cream, others for peanut butter, others for pickles, and so on.

The list of craved foods is limitless. It has been discovered that almost 75 percent of the pregnant women develop cravings, some of them being really strange and unhealthy.

For example, some women might crave fruits dipped in salsa sauce, or vegetables dipped in honey. The examples could go on and on.

Strange Pregnancy Cravings are Harmful

In the majority of the cases, the cravings, regardless of their level of strangeness, are safe. However, there are also cases when they can be harmful. There are various theories and also wives tales about these cravings.

For example, it is said that one can predict the sex of the baby, based on the cravings the mother has. For example if the woman craves sweets, then the baby will be a girl. If she craves meat or cheese, the baby will be a boy.

As I already mentioned, some of the cravings are strange. There are cases when the cravings are not strictly related to consuming food. Some women might feel the need to eat chalk, clay, dirt, and other things which could harm them.

These items could be a threat to you and your baby’s health. During pregnancy, a healthy nutrition is a must, and for this reason, in case you experience strange cravings, you should go to a doctor.

It has been stated that the reason why people experience cravings, is because that is what the body lacks. For example if we crave milk, cheese, and other dairy products, it could be our body indicating that it lacks calcium.

In case you crave salty foods, the body might need more calcium. It is important to understand these cravings, and to act accordingly.Take Care of Cravings while Pregnant

Replace Foods to Control Cravings

For example in case you crave sweets, you should eat fruits, as they are much healthier than chocolate, candies, and so on. By eating unhealthy foods, you can cause side effects in your body.

Because of this, it is important to control the cravings, and to know how to manage them. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because a healthy breakfast can keep your energized for a long period of time.

You need to eat a considerable amount of food each morning in order to control your cravings, and to be full of energy. You could replace certain food items with others, in order to reduce the side effects on the body.

For example, instead of ice cream, you could eat frozen yogurt. Instead of potato chips, you could eat soy chips. Of course, there is no problem if you eat what you crave once in a while, but it is important not to consume too much of certain foods.

Eating potato chips or ice cream once every week will not be harmful for you or for your baby. Eat smart, and stay healthy.

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