Calories in Alcoholic Drinks

Now let’s learn a bit about the calories in alcoholic drinks. There are quite rare the occasions when we go out with our friends or partner and do not have various types of alcoholic beverages. Wine, beer, champagne, liquor, whiskey or vodka – represent in many situations a real treat or common ingredients of our favorite cocktails. But do you really know how many calories are there in these special drinks? Let’s find out!

Calories in alcoholic drinks: British researchers conducted a study which has shown that most people are unaware of the actual number of calories they achieve by drinking alcoholic beverages. Scientists have also discovered that in most cases, alcohol consumption increases our appetite for unhealthy foods.

Calories in alcoholic drinks

Calories in alcoholic drinks

Calories in alcoholic drinks

Do you like wine?

If your answer is „yes”, than you should know that a glass of 250 ml of wine has 320 calories. You might as well choose to eat a cheeseburger instead, as it contains 300 calories.

On the other hand, even if wine is metabolized in 15-20 hours, a glass of red wine is recommended daily, being one of the richest sources of antioxidants.

A double vodka with tonic

Looks almost alluring, but it contains 165 calories. Its equivalent would be a donut, containing about 160 calories.

Despite appearances, drinks such as vodka or whiskey are very easily metabolized by the liver. In any case, the regular consumption of these beverages can create us stomach problems, heart diseases or diabetes.

The calories in alcoholic drinks

A delicious Pina Colada cocktail with rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice can contain up to 280 calories – the equivalent of 2 fried sausages.

If you enjoy drinking a glass of beer once in a while, then you might want to know that it contains 180 calories, which can be found in four chocolate cookies.

It has the lowest concentration of alcohol and is metabolized very slowly by our organism (as it contains maltose and malt protein). Some scientists consider beer to be one of the healthiest alcoholic beverage existent because it contains fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, it is not recommended for those who wish to get rid of cellulite.

Calories in alcoholic drinks chart

A glass of carbonated juice contain approximately 135 calories – as many as a blueberry muffin.

It’s hard to say „no” to champagne. However, two cups (250 ml) contain a ravishing quantity of 380 calories. For 380 calories you could have a slice (100 g) of chocolate cake.

The sweet juices could taste good, but 175 calories per glass (the equivalent of a slice of pizza) could be a little bit too much for our organism.

how many calories are in alcoholic drinks

How many calories are in alcoholic drinks

A typical cocktail with fruit juice, liqueur and rum has around 320 calories. Drink two and you have 600 calories in one single evening, a similar amount to that contained in a dish of fish and chips.

If you cannot give up cocktails there are a few which contain less calories:


The calories in alcoholic drinks vary a lot. The Mojito is made of rum, sugar, lime, mint and mineral water. Mojito cocktail is low in calories and you can make it even lighter if you decrease the amount of sugar and rum and increase the quantity of water.

Bloody Mary

The tomato juice contains lycopene, which can speed up your metabolism. If you add celery juice to that of tomato, the beverage will have fewer calories.

Cape Codder (a variant of Cosmopolitan)

Made of 10 cl of vodka, a glass of cranberry juice and a piece of lemon. If you reduce the amount of cranberry , give up sugar and add sparkling water, you lose a significant amount of calories.

Now you know the number of calories in alcoholic drinks. 🙂

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