Benefits of Dandelions – Miraculous effects!

Have you ever knew about the benefits of dandelions? More and more experts now praise its miraculous effects and that is why you should also read this article!

The dandelion or Taxacum officinale is one of the best known herbs, which can be found in over 100 species. The dandelion has many uses in medicine as well as in the children’s games. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is classified as being a weed and removed from gardens as many gardeners don’t know about the benefits of dandelions.

We find it everywhere, from early spring until late autumn. Dandelion grows in various regions of the world. The flower grows on one strain, from which, if it is broken, will run a milky substance. You can find dandelions from early spring until late autumn and you should search it as the benefits of dandelions are free and very good for your health.

 benefits of dandelions

The benefits of dandelions

Benefits of dandelions

Dandelion is a great source of potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The leaves contain a high quantity of vitamins A, B, C and D.

Dandelion is used as diuretic, laxative and also in the process of preparing coffee. It is a natural diuretic and many people consider that the root of this plant (when it is properly processed) is the best laxative. Specialists use it successfully to treat various liver diseases. The roots of the plant are often roasted and used in the preparation of a drink similar to coffee or tea. It is also used to improve the flavor of regular coffee.

The juice made of dandelion leaves is very useful in cases of constipation or liver treatments. Moreover, it is a powerful tonic for a sluggish liver (due to alcohol abuse or severe diets).

Nutritional benefits of dandelions

One of the benefits of dandelion is its ability to treat liver diseases, even in extreme cases of cirrhosis. Dandelion is also used to treat the affections of pancreas, stomach, spleen and kidneys. This plant is useful in case of anemia and hepatitis and improves blood pressure. Dandelion can also relieve rheumatic pains and arthritis.

Do not hesitate to include dandelion in salads

Dandelion can become a delicious ingredient for your favorite salads. If you have dandelions in your garden, you should know that it is best to pick the leaves early in the morning, before the opening of the flower. If the leaves are collected during the day (after flowering), they can be quite bitter. Wash them in cold water and prepare a wonderful salad.

Explore the culinary benefits of dandelions

Wash the dandelion leaves, add lettuce, cucumber, onion, a tablespoon of vinegar, one teaspoon of honey and two drops of olive oil. We guarantee a great and unique taste!

If you do not like salads, use the dandelion leaves in sandwiches. Dandelions will feed your organism with energy coming from the vitamins A, B, C and D. Still, you won’t be able to make an alphabet soup with it.

If we haven’t convinced yourself about the benefits of dandelions, than let’s see its magical properties. Besides its nutritional benefits, there are many superstitions that include dandelions:

  • It is said that if a dandelion remains open all night long, it will rain the next day.
  • If your nose becomes yellow after trying to smell a dandelion, than someone is in love with you.
  • It is also believe that if you add two or three dandelions to your wedding bouquet, your marriage will be successful, bringing you prosperity, health and beautiful children.
  • Never pick dandelions from a cemetery – it is said that this action brings you bad luck.
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