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Bananas Can Improve Your Vision

Bananas are available in different shapes, varieties and sizes and can be eaten at any time of day. This versatile fruit can be cooked, eaten raw or dried. Bananas are available for anyone and are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Bananas could replace the sugar portion of the breakfast and it’s a great way to increase your intake of fiber, potassium and vitamin C.


Vision benefits obtained through consumption of bananas

The data resulting from several studies have shown that by eating more daily servings of bananas the risk of macular degeneration associated with aging – the leading cause of vision loss in older people, can be reduced. Experts say that the risk can be reduced by up to 36%.

In a study that involved a significant number of women and men, researchers evaluated the effect of fruit on vision. Scientists have intended to reveal the connection between consumption of vegetables, fruit, antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E), carotenoids and macular degeneration, especially the relationship between them and the neovascular macular degeneration – a more severe form of the disease associated with total loss of vision. Food intake was recorded periodically over a period of 18 years for women and for a period of 12 years for men.

Surprisingly, the consumption of vegetables, vitamins and carotenoids were not as strongly associated with lower risk of macular degeneration, such as fruit, which provided security against severe forms of the disease.

Among the fruits that offered this protection were bananas, which experts consider extremely beneficial for the entire body. Among the health benefits of the banana are:

• reinforcing or strengthening of bones
• maintaining satiety for longer periods of time
• regulation of blood pressure
• maintaining healthy kidneys.

Ways to include more bananas in the diet

There are many ways that you can include more bananas in your diet. Bananas can be prepared in many ways and can also be introduced in a variety of foods.

– Banana ice cream. You will not want another ice cream! Freeze the bananas then mash them until the mixture becomes creamy. You can add cinnamon for flavor and health benefits of this spice.

– Bananas for breakfast. Enjoy a banana mixed with oatmeal or cut a few slices of banana and smear them with peanut butter. You will have more energy for the entire day.

– Banana Muffins. They are always tasty and healthy if you choose to use whole wheat flour for baking them. Add the banana pieces and for the dessert to be complete, you can coat with natural sweetness for your organic sugar intake.

– Bananas for dinner. Bananas are a feast for dinner. Mash a banana and mix it with a little hot vegetable soup. Then add the mixture over meat or meat preparations. You will discover unique taste combinations and the fiber in bananas will stop to eat other unhealthy snacks between dinner and sleep.

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