A beer a day keeps the doctor away

Did you knew that a beer a day keeps the doctor away? Why is it good to drink beer every day?

Scientists have come to the conclusion that beer hydrates the body better than water after physical exercise, it reduces the risk of kidney stones and ulcers, it facilitates the good cholesterol and maintains the bones healthy.

People believe that beer can make you gain weight. In fact it contains the same number of calories as a fruit juice. The ones who consume beer wisely (one- two glasses per day) are less likely to get ulcers, heart diseases or osteoporosis. Because of its high content of antioxidants, beer can also help you maintain your youthful appearance for a longer period of time.

Here are ten reasons, given by the nutritionists for you, to drink beer every day:

1. It’s not fattening

Having a much lower content of calories than other alcoholic beverages – 43 kcal per 100 ml for the alcoholic variant and just 17 kcal in the case of the alcohol –free beer – it has always been unfairly blamed for weight gain. However, the recommended daily quantity of beer is of 330 ml for women and 660 ml for men.

2. It rehydrates the body after physical exercise

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, beer rehydrates the body containing 93% water. Rich in minerals, potassium, magnesium , amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamin B, beer restores the amount of water lost through sweating.

beer a day

Is a beer a day good for you?

3. It reduces the risk of kidney stones

Beer is low in calcium but rich in magnesium , thus it prevents the creation of kidney stones. It has a diuretic effect and also maintains the elasticity of blood vessels.

4. It reduces the risk of getting Parkinson

Parkinson disease is a common neurodegenerative disorder which generally affects people over 50. Several studies have shown that beer consumed moderately reduces the risk of getting many diseases, Parkinson being the most frequent.

5. Beer increases the good cholesterol (HDL)

A recent research has shown that a glass of beer a day increases the amount of good cholesterol, thanks to its high content of antioxidants. Thus, a high level of good cholesterol means fewer cardiac risks.

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6. A shield against Helicobacter pylori

Scientists have discovered that beer has an antibacterial effect and it may even keep Helicobacter pylori away from your organism, a frequent cause of most stomach ulcers and a risk factor for stomach cancer.

7. A source of antioxidants

Beer contains natural antioxidants from barley and hops. Black beer has more alcohol (7%), but it is richer in antioxidants. They maintain the health of the brain and bones.

drinking a beer a day

Two beers a day is too much

8. It prevents Osteoporosis

The silicon in the water and especially the barley maintain the mineral density of the bones, mainly at menopause. In addition, the silicon in beer can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer.

9. A source of vitamins

Generally, the ones who choose a vegetarian diet do not get a proper amount of vitamins, which are normally assimilated by the body from meat. Beer is a good source of B vitamins – B1, B6 and B9 – which offer protection against heart diseases.

10. A source of fiber

Beer contains soluble fiber derived from barley, its basic ingredient. Two glasses of beer per day provide 10% of the recommended daily dose of soluble fiber.

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