7 Secrets for a Gorgeous Life!

Who said that, if you want to be slim, you must stop eating tasty food? Specialists say that you will not gain weight if, before eating “forbidden foods”, you will keep in mind these simple rules:

1. Eat fruit at breakfast. They help the body, being rich in vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Fruits consumed in the morning satisfy sweet cravings that can occur throughout the day.

2. Chocolate is allowed, but with care. Why eat chocolate tonight and risk getting fat? You may eat it next morning and even at midday, but not after 14:00.

3. Eat Peanuts at lunch. If you want to eat nuts or various seeds then have them for lunch. These digests slowly and will help avoid a fattened liver.

4. Choose natural juices. Cut out sweet sodas. All these are not healthy, help fat grow and inflate you like a balloon. Go for natural orange juice, berry juice or lemonade which will help bowel movements.

5. Consume spices. Spices have miraculous effects on the figure. They will help your body remove excess fat and toxins. Cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels, which contribute to the loss of centimeters around the waist.

6. Say “yes” to fish. It is recognized for its nutritional properties. The main advantages are the essential omega 3 fats, which help fight obesity and increase your physical energy.

7. No citrus in the evening. Do not eat citrus in the evening, you are causing acidity and a nervous excitement, which is why, even if you normally sleep well, you will not rest.

We have kept the best for last, and will be added as a bonus to this 7 Secrets for a Gorgeous Life!

Water, an essential element of good nutrition

Although some of us consider water a trivial element in nutrition, it plays an important role in the smooth running of bodily functions, including the figure.

This helps maintaining your weight as it regulates metabolism and is essential for good digestion.

Even more, it helps the oxygen in your blood carry essential nutrients to your body cells .

Water also takes away stress as 85% of brain tissue consists of water. Make sure you drink at least 2 liters every day!

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