4 Free Nutrition Apps For 2013

Keeping track of calories is important when you are trying to lose weight, but it is something that many individuals fail to do so. It’s pretty easy to lose track and go over the limit when especially when you’re keeping a manual count.


Nutrition Apps For 2013

While you can keep a food journal, an easier and better option is available in the form of smartphone apps. According to a research that was presented in a meeting at American Heart Association, overweight individuals who were using an electronic tracking system were more likely to stick to the recommended plan associated with weight loss compared to those who were keeping a paper log.

Top nutrition apps of 2013

1.  Fig

Fig is an app that takes a holistic approach to nutrition and allows you to create a customized plan based on whatever you think is good for your health. As health experts like Daphne Stidham emphasize, the holistic ‘whole person’ approach can improve life balance and it also assists in overcoming obstacles to reach an abundant lifestyle. It relies on the idea that you not only have the power to change your eating habits, but also your entire life.

With Fig, you can track specific parts of your health you want to focus. For example, you can choose to skip unhealthy snacks during the day or replace them with healthy options like fruits and vegetables. The fig community will motivate you to stay on track with the diet. The app works with iOS and Android.

2.  Nutrino

Nutrino is essentially a virtual nutrition planner that provides daily meal recommendations based on your profile, habits and weight loss goals. The algorithms which the app relies on to suggest personalized meals were developed after 2 years of hard work.

After going through the survey where you set the goal and define culinary taste, the app will tell you what should be your ideal weight. The meals suggested by the app can be added to the ‘grocery list’, which can be used at any of the Nutrino supported grocery stores. You can also share the personalized meal plans with your peers on social media. The app is compatible with iOS.

3.  Calorie Counter

This all-in-one calorie tracker by MyFitnessPal contains calories for over 3,000,000 foods and the numbers grows daily. You can use the app to scan the barcode of any food in the supermarket and add to the app’s database for calorie count. Calorie Counter automatically remembers frequently consumed foods, and the recipe calculator empowers you to create your own recipes and see their nutritional content.

You will need to create a MyFitnessPal account in order to use the app. The meals can be categorized into different categories such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. The catalog integrated in the app is quite better compared to competitor apps as they include meals, receipts and foods uploaded by actual users. The app will work with Android and iOS devices.

4.  My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is a female oriented weight loss app, and it’s based on the concept of motiving and committing the user to achieve the weight loss goal. A unique feature of the app is that it presents motivational slogans and images when you feel low.

You can also use the app to create personalized reminders – such as for drinking green tea before morning cardio or for eating fruit before afternoon lunch. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

How do you keep track of calories? 


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