Wrinkles Indicate Bone Denstity

According to a recent study, women who are in their 40s and 50s, and who have deep wrinkles, have lower bone density. It seems that one’s laugh lines could offer clues about the health of one’s bones, according to the recent study.

Connection between wrinkles and bone density

It seems that in the case of the women who are in their 40s and 50s, if their bone density is related to their skin wrinkles. A woman with bad skin wrinkles will have lower bone density. Dr. Lubna Pal, a reproductive endocrinologist at Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, and the main researcher of the study, stated that the discovery could be very important, as it could save health and money in the same time. If it is 100 percent certain that bone density is related to skin wrinkles, then doctors could use this information in order to identify the postmenopausal women who have high fracture risks. This would mean that very expensive tests might not be required.

However, in order to be certain of the results, more tests will be required. Pal and her colleagues studied women in their 40s and 50s who were postmenopausal. Each of these women had had their last menstrual period within the past three years. None of them were taking hormone therapy drugs. Women who had undergone any cosmetic skin procedures were excluded from the study. The researchers analyzed the neck and face wrinkles, and then gave a score for them. The firmness of the skin on the women’s cheecks and forehead was analyzed as well. Of course, the researchers also analyzed the bone density of the women, with an X-ray analysis.

The researchers discovered that women who had low bone density, had worse wrinkles than the other ones. It seems that the relationship between bone density and wrinkles was present in all the bones the researchers analyzed: heel, spine, and lumbar spine. The bone density was the same regardless of the body fat percentage, age, and other factors which could influence the bone density. It seems that there also was a connection between high bone density and firmer forehead and face skin.

Collagens: the common factor

The reason for the connection is a group of proteins, called collagens which are present both in the skin and the bones. They are the building blocks of both of them, and in time, the changed in collagen can cause skin changes. They also cause bine changes, but the skin ones are the visible ones. Pal stated that they will need to do more researches in order to find out if the connection is 100 percent certain. She stated that it would be beneficial to identify women who have low bone density with the aid of skin wrinkles alone. There are cases when  a bone fracture can cause lots of damages, which cannot be undone. There were also cases when the bone fractures were lethal. If the connection between the two factors is certain, then the fractures could be easily prevented.

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