Women Who Smoke Have Greater Cancer Risk

It has been known for a very long time that people who smoked had greater risks of developing cancer, especially lung cancer. Throat or mouth cancers were again among the most common types of cancers that smokers could develop. According to a new study, however, it seems that women who smoke also have greater risks of developing squamous cell skin cancer, a less aggressive form of skin cancer, in comparison to melanoma.

Furthermore, it seems that women who smoked more than 20 years had twice the risk of developing this sort of cancer. In what concerns men, it seems that they only had a modest risk of developing non-melanoma types of skin cancers. The lead author of the study was even surprised at finding that men who smoked had lower risks of developing squamous cell skin cancer in comparison to women who smoked and the author also mentioned that the researchers had no idea why this happened.

What did the study reveal?

For the study, the team of researchers recruited more than 380 patients who suffered from skin cancer and compared them with 315 people who did not have the condition. Every participant in the study was asked to give answers to questions related to the time they have been smoking, how much they smoked and all sorts of things. From all the participants, 355 were men and 343 were women, both groups white, as white people are the ones more predisposed to develop skin cancer.

When it came to analyzing the cancer risk of the participants in the study, the results for men and women were treated separately and according to the researchers, it seems that men who smoked for more than 20 years were more likely to suffer from skin cancer in comparison to those who did not smoke.

Are men more likely to suffer from cancer skin than women?

The results of the study also showed that even though the numbers of female patients who smoked and suffered from skin cancer were elevated, the number of men who did was, too and it seems that men are a little more prone to develop this type of cancer, as their skin may be more sensitive to sun exposure. Furthermore, it seems that men are less likely to use sunscreen or any other type of sun protection and this may be one of the reasons for which there are so many men suffering of skin cancer.

From what the researchers said in the conclusion of the study, it seems that this study too comes to sustain the idea that smoking should not be part of our society, as it has so many side effects and no benefits at all. In what concerns the causes of skin cancer, there are many, but the most popular ones are smoking and sun exposure and in the United States of America, there are more than 2 million skin cancer cases treated annually. The conclusion of every study of the sort is the same: people should stop smoking!

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